Comedian Goes Viral in Attempt To Live off $100 in NYC


| LAST UPDATE 12/18/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
frankie hoy viral tiktok comedian
@frankie_hoy via Instagram

How long could you last with $100 in the big apple? Well, this TikTok comedian tried it out, so we didn't have to. He didn't do a bad job, either. Not only that, his low-budget journey has landed him an extra 100,000 followers! And it was nothing short of entertaining. Here's how he did it.

It all started when Frankie Hoy begun an online series, documenting his days living in NYC with only $100. Since kicking off his TikTok career, he has entertained his followers with money-saving top tips. Let's be serious, the surge in prices has taken us all by surprise, and we can't help but wonder why our morning coffee now costs a staggering $10! I mean, we could make that classic cold brew with almond milk at home, but that takes away the fun of it. What's a morning walk to work without our beloved Starbucks? Well, for Hoy, his mornings and days are spent a little differently without the Christmas cup in hand. He documents his videos day by day, revealing how much he has left and how he uses it to survive - and it's pretty genius if we say so ourselves.

Frankie Hoy $100 Budget NYC
@frankie_hoy via Instagram
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Hoy says he doesn't work all the time, and instead, he would rather "work on his craft." On day 1, he treats himself to a store-bought coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Thankfully, this was only $4.34. Still, Hoy was disappointed he gave in to a branded brew. He said, "I'll learn tomorrow." Fair enough, day one is always the toughest. After being treated to unlimited food at work, he decided to buy a gallon of water for $3.26, which should keep him going for a while. As the days went on, he finessed the system by "hopping the turnstile" on the New York subway, saving him multiple receipts of $2.75. Whatever gets him through the week, right? When day six hit, things got a little interesting. As he made his way through the subway without paying a penny, he went about his day trading clementines with his friend for something a little more substantial, a banana. To fill himself up on a budget, he whipped out his bag of rolled oats and made some fruity and fiber-filled oatmeal using his one bowl that he carries, and a broken fork. It's all about the end result. More videos also showed him trading more clementines for something more extravagant, like a big turkey sub. It's amazing what a friendship can offer! 

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Hoy didn't give up - especially after a week. It's pretty crazy to think that $100 got him through the 7 days, and while he managed impeccably, he continued. Now it's just a game of how long he can last with this kind of cash! We'd definitely stay tuned if we were you. And be sure to check out his journey!

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