Comedian Pokes Fun at TikTok Travel Videos


| LAST UPDATE 11/29/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
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@lau_ramoso via Instagram

Ever find yourself visiting a friend who has experienced a cultural reset after a vacation? Well, one TikTok user has finally confronted the victims of those travelers who really got into their time away. But, you've got to see the humor in it, as there's a slight chance we are also guilty of this. Check this out.

We all have come across, at least at some point in our lives, a person who was really affected by their time abroad. You know, the one who comes back from France wearing a red beret tilted on her head or tries to find an excuse to use words like 'ciao' after an excursion to Italy. Yes, those friends. There's something about seeming different or stepping out of a Western culture that offers a unique touch to a personality. But, for those friends awaiting your return, it's nothing but a subtle eye-roll. (No judgment!) So, TikTok user, and Canadian Comedian Laura Ramoso, has made a series called "That one girl who just got back from…" which pokes fun at those travelers that have completely changed over the course of a year or less. However, users can't get enough, knowing Laura has touched upon the unspoken truth.

TikTok Viral Laura Ramoso
@lau_ramoso via Instagram
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Her videos usually pick up on those traits where people come back speaking in a different language or accent, forgetting their native stomping grounds. With a German mother and Italian father, the comedian took advantage of her cross-cultural genes and began acting out their unusual behavior in videos during the pandemic. Now, after she realized it was a hit, she went on to mock tourists returning from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Amsterdam. Most of her videos have raked in millions of views, with the most popular reaching 4.1 million. It's all about authenticity, and people want the brutal truth, especially when it's relatable. Her exaggerations are nothing but a little bit of light-hearted fun, and followers have even admitted to adopting some of the same behaviors. One of her most recent videos portrayed a traveler who has just returned home from Amsterdam. The script goes on to mimic language and pronunciations, finding herself "losing her English" while also talking about Stroopwafel and falling into canals. Not to mention, the hand gestures are the cherry on the cake. One user took the time to comment, "No but the pronouncing of Amsterdam was perfect," while a true citizen commended her impression saying, "This is crazy accurate and toooo funny to see this as a Dutch person." 

@lau_ramoso Replying to @sincerelysarahx Vincent van KHGHKOGH 🇳🇱 #amsterdam #netherlands #tourist #americantourist #satire #fyp #holland #amsterdamcity ♬ original sound - Laura Ramoso

So what's the beauty of TikTok? Despite the unnecessary trolling, it's all fun and games, especially when people can take the lighthearted banter. We can only wonder which impersonation is next. Perhaps someone will return from the U.S. asking where the nearest Dunkin' Donuts is...

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