Coke & Mentos Experiment Hilariously Backfires On Grandma Sandy

Taran Underwood

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TikTok users are constantly trying out different challenges in the hope that their vlog will be the next one to go viral. One of the more popular trends is the classic 'Coke and Mentos experiment'. Even Grandma Sandy gave the challenge her best shot telling her viewers that she needs to "check it's real".

In the clip that has now reached over 50 million views, Sandy confidently opens up her Coke bottle and begins to unwrap the Mentos.

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“You know, I’ve seen this done a couple of times on a couple of different videos and I’m not quite sure that it’s real and I just want to see what’s up,” she says. The Cola makes a fizz and ends up exploding directly in her face, giving her quite a scare.

Although it looks brutal, it has since become the most viewed 'Coke and Mentos Experiment' with over 6 million likes.