29+ Funny Coincidences Caught On Camera


| LAST UPDATE 02/22/2022

By Riley Hammond

Sometimes, in the midst of all its predictability, life sends some little signs our way that we can't help but laugh at. We've rounded up some hilarious coincidences captured on camera throughout the years.

The Chicken-Shaped Egg

As if the whole "which came first" question wasn't complicated enough, this hard-boiled egg brings the riddle to a new level! This person found quite a surprise when they peeled the shell off their egg.

funny viral coincidence eggfunny viral coincidence egg
Reddit via u/raines88

"Half of my egg's yolk boiled outside of the shell into the shape of a chicken," shared the Reddit user who posted the photo: the egg yolk appears to have oozed upon being boiled, resulting in a "chicken head" - complete with a beak! We can't be the only ones that see it...

The Yin to the Yang

These two guys appear to be walking side by side, but the hair on each of their heads creates a funny illusion. In the picture, it seems that a complete haircut could be made by combining their two heads. This Reddit user captioned the photo, "These guys look like 2 pieces of the same haircut."

funny coincidence hair cutfunny coincidence hair cut
Reddit via u/BigBagOfMaths

The person on the left appears to have a bald spot in the middle of his head, with hair still growing around the sides. The other guy appears to have requested a haircut that left hair growing only in a patch in the middle of his head. Together, we think they're unmatched - no pun intended!

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The Child With the Book About Himself

This little boy got a special Christmas present one year. His mother posted the photo of the boy holding an open book, showing a character in the story that looks exactly like himself. "My son looks like a real-life version of a character from the book he got for Christmas," the mother joked.

funny reddit thread kidsfunny reddit thread kids
Reddit via u/designerlifela

Indeed, the boy in the book's illustrations has the same round eyes, curly hair, and chubby fingers as the child holding the book. He was probably quite excited when he found out that he was the hero of the book he was gifted. We're sure this makes for our little man's favorite nighttime story!

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This Man's Lucky Number

The number 33607 has turned out to be a lot more than just a zip code for this guy. He also has a T-shirt with the number printed across it - but that's not all! It apparently has a lot more significance, especially after it stood out at a marathon he participated in a few years ago.

funny viral coincidence redditfunny viral coincidence reddit
Reddit via u/Sneaky-Goat

In the photo, the man is wearing his shirt with 33607 on it, holding the race number from the marathon - also 33607. Not only that, but he added the finishing time for the marathon to the photo, which reads '03:36:07.' We're guessing this isn't the end of the good fortune that this number will bring him in his life.

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Camouflaging Shoes

$1.99! It's a shame these shoes were probably impossible to find for eager shoppers looking to snag the best deals. As one Reddit commenter mentioned, they appeared to be "transparent" as they lay on the sale rack. Here's a little look at why that was.

camouflaging shoes funny viralcamouflaging shoes funny viral
Imgur via TWrox

In the photo, the color of the sandals matches the grey rack they're placed on. What makes the coincidence even more perfect is the black dots on the sandals resemble the holes on the grey rack. In fact, if it weren't for the outline that gives the sandals away, shoppers probably wouldn't have noticed them at all!

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When Phones Come to Life

Clearly, this guy wasn't expecting to find the source of his phone's background while traveling Europe. According to him, he stumbled across the scenic mountains he'd had on his phone screen for two years while exploring Santa Cristina, Italy. Talk about a coincidence!

travel blogger funny coincidencetravel blogger funny coincidence
Reddit via u/xbshooter

In the photo, the man is holding up his phone, showing the mountains on his screen that he has set as his phone background. But behind him, in the background of the entire photo, are the actual mountains that were captured. Definitely a trip to remember, if ya ask us!

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The Man With the Socks With the Man

This man received a rather unique gift from his wife. No, not a tie in his favorite color or an expensive watch - but rather a pair of socks! But what makes them interesting is that on the socks there is an image of a man who could be this guy's twin. No, really.

funny viral coincidence redditfunny viral coincidence reddit
Reddit via u/IamtheEric

The man found what appeared to be a cartoon of himself printed on his new socks. They have the same green eyes, black glasses, and brown beard. Although it might seem a bit weird for him to wear socks with his face on them, we think it's pretty cute!

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The Dog That Reads 'Dog'

We couldn't be more convinced that this dog is, in fact, a dog. This big boy spread himself out on the wooden floor of the house in a warm patch of sun and took a little snooze. A family member passing by seemed to be able to capture an interesting moment that happened while the dog snoozed.

funny viral dog redditfunny viral dog reddit
Reddit via u/themattsquared

Across the dog's brown chest were shadows of the capital letters "D-O-G," which together spelled out the word "dog." A big coincidence, but also quite an amusing one. Good thing someone was there to take a picture - and hopefully, give this good boy some belly rubs on the way!

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Matching Couples

This is either a big coincidence, or these diners found their way to the wrong partner! This Reddit user couldn't help but snap a pic after he found two couples sitting at two separate tables, wearing matching outfits. Only they weren't exactly matching with the right person...

funny viral couple matchingfunny viral couple matching
Reddit via u/L33SA

At one table, a man wearing a green shirt is sitting across from a woman in a pink shirt. Behind them, another couple is seated. This time, it's the man wearing the pink shirt, and the woman he's sitting with is dressed in the same shade of green. Coincidence? We sure hope so, for their sake!

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The Phone Case That Blends In

We imagine it might take a few minutes to find this phone again if it was accidentally left on this desk by its owner. The cell phone, which is brown with a wood pattern on it, seems like it was cut right out of this brown desk from a school library!

iphone phone funny coincidenceiphone phone funny coincidence
Reddit via u/iamnotchris

"My friend's phone case blends in with this 1982 school library circulation desk," wrote the user who posted the photo. Quite a coincidence indeed! Users who saw the photo were quite amused, with one of them even joking, "Oh look! The table has a camera!"

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The Perfectly Broken Plate

We've all had that very brief moment of panic when we realize the plate that just fell from our hands is about to shatter into several pieces. But we're assuming this person probably didn't have so much of a mess to clean when they dropped a plate by accident.

plate broken funny coincidenceplate broken funny coincidence
Reddit via u/Epic_Spitfire

We're no experts in physics, but somehow the plate broke neatly in half -without sending little shards and pieces flying in different directions. It's quite an amusing coincidence, and we're pretty sure that the person who dropped this plate was quite relieved.

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The Perfect Pebble

It's happened to the best of us - we put on our favorite shoes to go out and step in something that we'd rather not have on our feet. But we're sure the owner of these shoes was pretty amused by this pebble that seemed to find the bottom of their shoe to be the perfect place to set up camp.

rock funny viral coincidencerock funny viral coincidence

It has a pattern of the same diamond-like shape found on this shoe's sole. Sure enough, it fit perfectly into one of the holes, almost as if it was meant to be. This may be too much of a coincidence. We're not sure what it is, but the universe is definitely up to something.

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Matching Spoons

Most of us are fans of something and enjoy owning collectibles. Some people have merchandise inspired by their favorite movies, others have perfume by their favorite celebrities. Well, this person has a spoon from their favorite cereal box - but it was a total coincidence!

reddit cereal funny coincidencereddit cereal funny coincidence
Reddit via u/MisterTittles

In this photo, the person is carrying the same exact spoon as the one featured on the Chips Ahoy! cereal box displayed in the background. We know the image on the box is for illustration purposes only, but if this person gets themselves a yellow bowl, they're pretty much all set!

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A Sign of Good Luck?

Anyone who works in marketing knows that a good logo and advertisement are usually very carefully planned and designed. But sometimes, the best ideas occur to people when they're not even expecting them - or in this case, they're dropped right in front of their eyes.

bird poop funny coincidencebird poop funny coincidence
Reddit via u/notyoremama

Case in point: the sign on the back window of this car. Across the glass are the words 'Cleaning Services' in all caps, next to which is a pink figure carrying a spray bottle, presumably cleaning material of some sort. But the hilarious addition to this sign is what was completely unplanned: the bird droppings next to the spray bottle.

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Long-Lost Twins

For most animal lovers, it's always exciting when our neighbor's pet chooses to wander randomly into our yard. But it was extra special when this fluffy girl wandered right into this grandmother's house. And it turns out she looks exactly like the confused dog on this Reddit user's couch.

funny pet viral dogfunny pet viral dog
Reddit via u/CoachChapman

The original post revealed that this pup was actually a stray dog who seemed to be missing her owner. This family took her to a vet, who discovered that the dog was microchipped. Although it initially looked like it was meant to be between the nana and the stray who matched her sofa cushion, we're glad she's reunited with her owner!

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The Windows Logo

Very few people today aren't familiar with the logo for Microsoft. And this shadow of someone's window on their curtain looks a little too familiar. The waving effect of squares from the curtain lacks only the logo's four famous colors. This coincidence really turned windows into, well, Windows.

funny shadows viral coincidencesfunny shadows viral coincidences
Reddit via u/jillzsta

Reddit users took to the comments section to joke about the funny coincidence. One user commented, "This window will certainly crash, inevitable, there are signs." Another wrote, "I even heard the startup sound from this picture." Honestly, so did we.

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The Lucky Charms Rainbow

Right on theme with the rainbow associated with Lucky Charms cereal, this rainbow happened to shine directly behind a 'Lucky Charms shake' sign. Reddit users responded to the original poster, telling them they "have to print this for [the company]!"

lucky charms rainbow coincidencelucky charms rainbow coincidence
Reddit via u/NiceCrispies

Other users took to the comments to laugh at the hilarious coincidence and talk about how much they love the cereal. "That sounds shamefully delicious," joked one person. We definitely think the coincidence would make quite an amusing ad for the product!

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A Sweet Color Coordination

This perfect coincidence looks oddly satisfying. This person discovered that the candy wrapper they were holding in their hand matched the pattern of nail polish on their thumb. The candy wrapper is silver except for a white sticker on it with the name of the company - Dove.

funny nail polish viralfunny nail polish viral
Reddit via u/whatserrname17

The edge of the white sticker, which eventually meets the silver color of the wrapper itself, is perfectly aligned with the border between the white and silver parts of the user's nail. The wrapper says, "Share something sweet this season," and we can definitely say this user did just that.

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The Ombre Orange

We think this person was a tad surprised after they peeled an orange to find out it matched their hair color quite perfectly. Quite an awesome coincidence, if ya ask us. "Opened a mutant orange that matches my hair color perfectly," the user captioned the photo.

funny viral coincidence redditfunny viral coincidence reddit
Imgur via foudesoif

Just like the orange, the color of the person's ombre-colored hair starts out as bright red at the roots and gradually becomes lighter and lighter, with the tips having an orange glow about them. One Reddit user joked, "Now you can say your hair color is 'all natural.'" LOL. Well, they're not wrong!

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Same But Different

Did these rice companies split the image on the box and each take a half? Well, either that, or this might just be one of the biggest marketing coincidences! This Reddit user came across two boxes of rice by different companies with very similar packaging.

funny brand packaging viralfunny brand packaging viral
Reddit via u/landy1

Put together, the two boxes seemed to make up one whole image on their front sides. Reddit users took to the comments section to express their amusement at the sight. One person, however, speculated that the two photos were "made at the same factory." Regardless, we think it's pretty funny. No?

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Deer Crossing at the Deer Crossing

We assume (and hope) there's not a driver out there who isn't familiar with the "deer crossing" sign. They're generally placed on roads where one can expect to find deer around, in order to warn drivers that one of these cute animals may jump out onto the street at any time.

deer crossing funny coincidencedeer crossing funny coincidence
Reddit via u/aadair86

Well, these deer really didn't want that sign to go to waste. Ironically, they happened to choose to cross the road right at the "deer crossing" sign. One Reddit user joked, "Deer? People can't even use a crosswalk. Humans need to look up to these Deer." LOL.

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Twinning With the Tissues

Another "who wore it better" situation? Perhaps. This person's shirt happens to perfectly match the pattern on their tissue box. The only barely noticeable difference is that the background on the shirt is white, with the pattern itself mostly blue, while the Kleenex box is blue, and the pattern on it is mostly white.

matching coincidence funny viralmatching coincidence funny viral
Reddit via u/azaleahey

The comments section was filled with funny inputs by users who found the picture of the person with their tissue box quite hilarious. One person joked, "name a more iconic duo I'll wait." Another user joked, "Well one of you is going to have to change." LOL.

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Seeing Double

It's safe to say that this person probably didn't expect to find their doppelgänger standing behind them in line at the MET in NYC! In the photo, one woman with blue hair, a yellow-brown scarf, and a beige coat poses with someone who, to put it frankly... stole her look?

doppelgänger funny viral coincidencedoppelgänger funny viral coincidence
Reddit via u/salmeida

From the looks of it, the matching lady in the back is completely unaware of the resemblance between the two. Users hilariously joked in the comments section, with one person writing, "The USA already had a you." What an ironic situation! Keep scrolling for some more laughs.

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Sibling License Plates?

These two cars look a bit like fraternal twins that just happened to meet side by side one day in a parking lot. "Went to get my coffee this morning... came back to a crazy coincidence! What are the chances?!?" read the caption on this Reddit post. And, honestly, we're just as taken back.

funny license plates coincidencefunny license plates coincidence
Reddit via u/ngalfano13

In the photo, the two cars, both Toyotas, are parked right next to each other. And only when we looked at their license plates did we notice that one read "997 MTH," while the other read "996 MTH." Coincidence? Safe to say it was - and a pretty funny one too!

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Road Trip With a View

This person was driving behind a mirrored truck in Tennessee when they noticed that the truck was blocking their view of the road - well, not technically. The mirror on the truck actually happened to perfectly reflect the road behind it so that it appeared to "fill in" the part of the view the truck was actually blocking.

funny viral travel picturesfunny viral travel pictures
Imgur via BestOfMenMustDie

In the mirror, not only can the driver see the road behind them, but also the sky, clouds, and mountains. On the left side, the outline of the mountains, just where they meet the sky, appears to perfectly continue its path, uninterrupted by the mirror on the truck. Talk about a scenic drive!

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The Mini Ken

Quite a doll to coincidentally come across at the store. This user posted a rather amusing photo of her husband, whose name is Ken, standing with a doll that looked quite like himself. Down to the checkered flannel shirt, the man and the plastic figure looked identical.

funny dolls viral coincidencefunny dolls viral coincidence
Reddit via u/mizzroberts

As expected, Reddit users began to add their own humor to the situation in the comments section. One person wrote, "I like that he couldn't resist purchasing it," while another hilariously commented, "I wonder how the conversation went with the checkout person." To be honest, now we're wondering the same thing!

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The 'Possessed' Chair

Sometimes, we find ourselves in circumstances where we just can't help but feel like someone is watching us - and this may have been one of those times. Looking at it, we can't help but notice how the two decorative buttons on the chair's back cushion look like eyes.

hilarious possessed chair coincidencehilarious possessed chair coincidence
Reddit via u/tomseankay

Not only that, but the fold in the cushion below the buttons give the chair an 'evil smile,' and another one just above the left button gives it an 'evil frown.' Reddit users also thought the chair looked rather spooky, with one person even comparing it to the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter!

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Matching Doorknobs

When this traveler checked into her hotel room, the doorknobs on the room's wardrobe doors looked a tad too familiar. And in the picture she posted on Reddit, which also shows the unique ring she's wearing on her hand, it becomes quite easy to see why.

funny hotel room coincidencefunny hotel room coincidence
Reddit via u/tecvai

The design of the ring seems to match that of the doorknobs a little too perfectly. It appears to be an antique, circular ring with small, silver stones forming a circle around one much larger stone in the middle. The doorknobs had almost the exact same design.

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Finger Food

How often does it happen that one comes across a carrot that looks exactly like a bent finger? This Reddit user coincidentally found a carrot that totally changed the meaning of the term "finger food." A carrot that looks like a finger, or a finger that looks like a carrot?

funny vegetable viral coincidencefunny vegetable viral coincidence
Reddit via u/lil_duck007

Bent in the middle as though it has a "knuckle," this orange vegetable amused quite a lot of Reddit users. One person hilariously joked, "Pretty sure it has magical properties," while another user suggested, "Jam it in the garbage disposal and prank someone." Not a bad idea for a practical joke!

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Butterfinger has apparently gotten quite creative with their products. Either that, or this coincidence turned out to add the perfect touch to the design for their packaging. This Reddit user posted a picture of an unopened Butterfinger bar, and the pointy ridges of the wrapper match Bart Simpson's hair!

funny viral candy packagingfunny viral candy packaging
Reddit via u/D4ftHunk

Reddit users shared their opinions on the hilarious photo. And if ya ask us, the winning comment is the one that read, "Correctly drawn, Bart's hair has nine points. They lacked ambition." LOL. We're not sure if this design was intentional or just a perfect coincidence, but it definitely gave us a laugh!

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