Coffee Machine Goes Viral Because It Sounds Like Britney Spears

Taran Underwood

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Who even knows why things go viral these days. Regardless, it's this coffee machine's big moment. After getting 40,000 retweets and 7000 likes, the coffee machine found stardom because it makes the same noise as the intro to a Britney Spears song.

Which is pretty insulting considering its the sound of ground beans.

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A recording of the DeLonghi Magnifica machine was posted by 'fledgling comedian' Samantha Stoakes from Philadelphia. She wrote that "The coffee machine at my hotel sounds just like the intro to 'Stronger' by Britney Spears." And as weird as that may seem... it really does! 

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The hit 'Stronger' was one of Britney's best back in 2000 and followers were excited that this coffee machine was giving her a comeback. Once the tweet was posted, the coffee machine's life would never be the same. It became a trending topic on Twitter and it was then discovered that Stoakes was not alone, there were hundreds of coffee machines that also seemed to be Spears fans. 

One person joked: "How would you like your coffee? STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY!"


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Could it be that this 2020 our appliances are going to become public figures? Let's hope not.