Clever Parenting Hacks That Require a Sense of Humor


| LAST UPDATE 08/09/2022

By Scarlett Adler

We love our little bundles of joy, but they certainly didn’t come with an instruction manual. Luckily for us, there are moms and dads all around the world that feel the same way. Take a look at these parenting hacks you never knew you needed.

Having a Bath in the Shower

The little ones always enjoy a good bath, as they get to enjoy the warm water along with their toys. What’s more, bath times with your baby can help you closely engage with him/her, with no outside distractions. But what can you do if you happen to have a shower instead of a bathtub?

Clever Parenting HacksClever Parenting Hacks
fjordlilie via Reddit

The next best thing is to find a baby pool that fits in your shower. You can purchase one specifically for this cause, or even use one you have bought for the beach or traveling. This way, both you and your child will get to enjoy the benefits of a good baby bath without the need for purchasing a bathtub.

A Fun Way to Learn Math

As kids grow up, moms and dads are eager to help them become the best version of themselves. In the beginning, this mainly involves teaching them not to put everything in their mouths. But when they start going to school, the tasks become a little more tricky. Luckily, some parents are happy to share their self-discovered hacks.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
Twinkleresources via Pinterest

This dad came up with a fun way to teach his children math. The set-up might take you some time, but it is beneficial for learning. It's also colorful and minimalistic. What’s more, in the end, your kids might just find math to be fun and enjoyable. Try it out and let us know!

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A Smart Way to Play in the Sand

Most children love playing in the sand. What’s more, the sand play provides a wide range of benefits regarding child development, such as developing fine motor skills, hand, eye coordination, or teaching creativity and enhancing the kid’s imagination. That’s why many parents purchase a sandpit, or a box, filled with sand.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
Chelstie Smith via Pinterest

However, the sandbox is an open, low, and wide container. So, cats or other intruders can quickly get into it. Not to mention the mess these sand pits bring. An excellent alternative for the sandpit is a tent filled with sand, as it protects the children from outside impacts and overnight intruders.

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Colorful Magnet to Occupy the Little One

Being a parent is quite tricky, as kids require 24/7 observation, especially if they have loads of energy. It is normal to look the other way and leave your little one unattended for a minute. However, you might find it helpful to come up with an alternative to protect your kid from danger.

@raleighmomscare via Instagram

Colorful magnets have proved to keep the little ones occupied or prevent them from running on the street. So, by purchasing a fun magnet for your car, you will be able to get ready for traveling while your kids stand still beside the car, or even match their hands with the magnet.

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Masking Tape to Build A Street

Almost every little boy goes through the phase of playing with toy cars. Even more, vehicle play has proven to provide many benefits for the kids, including physical advantages, understanding new concepts, such as ‘go and stop,' ‘left and right’, ‘up and down’, improve their language skills, and much more.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@tmccrum_mua via Instagram

For this reason, many parents aim to construct some kind of a track to assist their little ones through this almost universal phase. A great option is to use masking tape to draw the streets, or even a racing track, to get your little one started. After a while, you will probably need to buy a real track.

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Please Switch off All Cellphones During the Show

Almost every parent needs some extra time for herself/himself. It doesn’t matter if you need the time to do some chores or just need a little breather because you're human; there are several tricks to assist you in the process. One such example is placing your toddler in front of the washing machine.

Funny Parenting HacksFunny Parenting Hacks
@smartytots via Instagram

For the little ones, watching the washing machine is the same as watching an entertaining show on the TV. Most probably, they love the spinning colors and changing patterns. Of course, you only have a few minutes to use this window. Eventually, they'll get bored of the show.

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Sorting Things out Takes Time

There are lots of ways to keep your little one entertained. Well, at least until they find the game fun and are willing to cooperate. A brilliant hack is to assign your kids to sort things out, according to shape, color, or a number of other attributes, such as sorting the felt balls into a muffin pan.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@smartytots via Instagram

This way, your child will learn what things are alike and which ones differentiate. In the beginning, they will start recognizing the patterns, which will grant you some alone time. However, with time, your toddler will become better and faster in this game. So, you'll have to be on top of your game.

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Color-Code the Family

Spending the day out with the family is always a great idea. However, it is still easier to watch over one than more. So, parents with more children tend to experience more difficulties when going out for entertainment. In other words, big families usually need more tricks to make their life easier.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@brandi.marie.e via Instagram

A brilliant trick is to color-code the crew. It is much easier to spot your children if they are dressed in the same color. And if you have ever lost your kid before, you certainly understand the need for a trick to averting such a scenario. After all, kids love to wander, and we love to keep them safe.

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Your Ankles are Not Safe

Baby walkers are devices designed to grant your little one mobility or help toddlers learn to walk. But even though many parents find the walker useful, this tool usually comes at a price. More exactly, toddlers aren’t aware that they are hurting your ankles or destroying the walls. But you certainly are!

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
roswellc via Reddit

The question is, ‘What can you do to prevent such injuries or interior damages?’ Well, a great option is to add pool noodles to the bumpers. Even so, you will not be able to prevent these events from occurring. But at least you will be able to soften the blow and protect your walls and ankles a bit.

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Crayons at Doctor’s Appointments

For most children, going to the doctor is a pretty scary experience. Usually, they perceive these appointments as if something is wrong. Many kids think they are sick, so they worry that everything is going to hurt. Consequently, the little ones tend to cry, even while you are waiting for the doctor.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
anastasiabeverhousen via Reddit

To make your life easier, you should find a way to entertain your bundle of joy. One brilliant hack is to take crayons to the doctor’s appointment. This way, your child can draw on the sheet they make you sit on while you wait. In other words, they will be too occupied to worry about what is about to come.

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From A Bathtub to A Playpen

Most children love to follow their parents all around the house. So, no matter if you are making lunch, organizing the closet, or cleaning the bathroom, your little one will probably be right by your side. As a parent, you usually need to find a way to keep the kids entertained, mainly to get your job finished.

Funny Parenting hacksFunny Parenting hacks
@cake_away_cancer via Instagram

A great way to keep your children entertained is to transform the bathtub into a playpen. This way, you will be able to do your chores without being interrupted. What’s more, you can shower in peace, without having to worry if your little one is safe or not, this hack should give you at least 20 minutes of freedom.

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Buckle Up for Safety

Today, there are many tools for carrying your child around, such as the classic “kangaroo” baby carriers, hammocks, or carrying wraps. Even so, as a parent, sometimes you need a simple hack to keep your child in place, only so you could finish a quick task. Luckily, there is a way!

malleeman via Reddit

This dad has found a brilliant hack to strap his child onto the chair with his shirt’s simple use. Not only is this a flexible tool, but also a much cheaper option than the traditional carriers. So, have no doubt, you can easily control your baby's movement, this especially helps for our more energetic friends.

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Carry an Out Of Order Sign Everywhere

Kids usually want to try different things, touch various objects, or even play with some tools. So, no matter how hard you try to convince your little ones not to, they most probably will do it. Well, unless you take advantage of this creative hack, which is actually one of our favorites on the list.

@ShootTheSound via Twitter

The question is, ‘What is the easiest and most efficient way to keep your day on track?’ Well, you can print out an “Out of Stock” sign, one that would prevent your little one from exploring different items. This way, you can stick the paper on their object and still be the good guy.

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Keeping the Pacifiers Safe

Many parents have considered pacifiers as a crucial part of their toddler’s life for a while now. However, pacifiers are small objects, so they usually end up on the ground, or even thrown away around the house. Not to mention the dirt that sticks to him just before your toddler pops it straight back in his/her mouth.

No matter if you have pets or other children, you need to keep the pacifiers out of their reach. In the end, toddlers put the pacifier in their mouth, so it must be sterile and clean. A fantastic hack is to place the pacifiers into plastic containers, one of the perfect sizes to keep the tools safe.

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Streamline Your Kid’s Outfits

Sometimes, it might be hard to dress your kid up, especially in the morning when you are rushing for work or taking the little ones to kindergarten. Even more, there comes a period of transition where your child wants to dress up by himself/herself. So, at this stage of life, you certainly need a hack to make things easier.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@kortneybrady via Instagram

A great way to organize your little one’s outfits to put different combinations in each drawer. For example, you can streamline your kid’s outfits on Sunday, and don’t worry about it in the following week. Not only will you save some time, but also a lot of nervousness and tension daily.

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Packing in Plastic Bags

Most parents find it hard to pack for their kids, as children’s belongings are usually small and quite similar. In other words, it can take you a lot of time and effort to prepare the suitcase. So, it would be quite beneficial to pack in a way that makes your life a whole lot easier.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
Kristinmaxwell via Pinterest

Say, you get to your destination, and you need to find a particular T-shirt for your little one. Instead of rummaging through your suitcase, it’s much better when you can see all of your kid’s belongings. So, a great hack is to pack their things in plastic bags so that you can save time and stress on your vacation.

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A Hanger for the Bibs

The bibs can save you a lot of time and effort as parents, as they keep the little ones from staining their clothes. Today, toddler bibs come in different shapes and colors. Even so, they are all miniature, so they are usually hard to find, especially if your kid loves throwing it around the house.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
Marcy Rosen Kiesche via Pinterest

To make your and your partner’s life easier, it is best to point a specific place to put the bibs. At first, drawers might seem like a good idea. But better yet, you can appoint or design a bib hanger, one that will be on sight to always remind you where you can find these useful accessories.

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“Baby Proof” The Snacks

Most parents tend to prevent their children from eating snacks, as they might feed them completely. And who wants their kid skipping entire meals, just because of chips or a small chocolate? Even so, the little ones usually have a backup plan to obtain the snacks when no one is watching.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@hacked_by_a_mommie via Instagram

To prevent your children from eating snacks when they are not allowed to, you can take advantage of this simple hack. More exactly, you can fasten the handles to one another, creating the illusion of an impossible entrance for your kid. Well, at least until they are old enough to figure out you're using a dog collar.

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Sipping On Medicine

It's pretty common for kids to hate the taste of medicine. Even if they haven’t tried the particular pill or fluid yet, they refuse to take it, or even spit it out. Just as it is normal for kids to do so, it is also quite expected from parents to try different methods to slip the medicine in.

Nifty Parenting Hacks Nifty Parenting Hacks
bsurfn2day via Reddit

Funnily enough, this parent came with the ultimate trick. As we can see, this little guy thinks he just scored a pepsi right before bedtime. After all, it is relatively easy to create an optical illusion for kids in the youngest f age. So make sure to take advantage of this trick while you can!

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Noise Cancelling Headphones for the Win

You don't have to stop doing everything you love just because you're a parent. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if your little one wants to accompany you to a concert or any other event in this sense. After all, it’s the 21st century, so there are many kid-friendly festivals where you can bond with your little man or lady.

Great Parenting Hacks Great Parenting Hacks
Decestor via Reddit

Still, you might need to find a way to protect your child from external influences, such as loud noise. Fortunately, this dad has found a way and shared it on the Internet. Apparently, you can bring a pair of earmuffs or noise cancelling headphones to protect them.

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Painting with Water

As mentioned before, your toddler will probably want to imitate your actions. So, what happens when you need to paint the fence or the walls of your house? Logically, you cannot let them do it. Well, unless you have a spare of materials and willing to repaint their work afterward.

Great Parenting Hacks Great Parenting Hacks
@macshona via Instagram

An excellent substitution for the paint is letting your child paint with water, as the water spots leave convincing marks until they dry. You will probably get away with this hack while your kid is at a young age and doesn't get what you're up to. Take advantage of these precious years my friends.

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The Affectionate Bean-Filled Glove

Many parents tend to put their children to sleep by rocking or cuddling at the youngest age. However, the problem arises when the little ones get used to it, so they won’t sleep unless they feel your affection. Even more, they can wake up in the middle of the night if they feel your absence.

Clever Parenting Hacks Clever Parenting Hacks
FreddyJackson69 via Reddit

Fortunately, parents on the internet came up with a brilliant hack. To be more specific, they came up with the bean-filled glove. The question is, ‘What does the glove do?’ Well, you can place it on your little one’s back to show that you care and help them feel loved, even if you are not there.

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The Endless Whiteboard

Children’s creativity can run wild, as they can develop the most diversified designs and drawings. That’s why they sometimes tend to draw on our papers, or even on the walls. So, as a parent, you might need to provide a specified place where they can express their fantasies. Let’s see how!

Clever Parenting Hacks Clever Parenting Hacks
agnstdgrain via Reddit

One option is to purchase a whiteboard. However, a more brilliant and cheap option is to take advantage of butcher paper, aka the endless whiteboard. This way, your little one will be able to draw all day long, as you can easily rip the butcher paper when they fill it in.

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The ‘Playing Video Games’ Hack

Over the years, parents have come up with the most diversified hacks, but nothing can exceed the ultimate video gaming trick. More exactly, many parents love to entertain themselves once in a while. However, as the little ones imitate everything their parents do, it is sometimes impossible to play video games.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
somecallmemike via Reddit

So, what is the option that can grant you a bit of entertainment while bonding with your children? The answer is quite simple, as you can give the little one controllers, but not plug them in. They will probably not even understand the game at the youngest of age, so they will feel fully involved in your activity.

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Finding Your Missing Objects

Who said that the little ones aren’t adequate investigators? Even more, who says that you cannot use this to your advantage? With the rise of Internet usage and parent blogs, we have seen lots of exciting hacks, but this is undoubtedly among the most beneficial for you, as a parent.

Clever Parenting Hacks Clever Parenting Hacks
@ruby1508 via Instagram

If you happen to have lost something in the house, but don’t have the time or nerve to search for it, you can make a fun game for your child to help you in the process. Not only will the treasure hunt game keep your little one occupied and entertained, but it will also help you find your missing stuff.

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Saving the Unfinished Lollipops

Mostly, kids don’t tend to finish their lollipops. No matter if they have found something more interesting to do or had enough of the taste, the little ones leave the lollipop. However, they usually come back asking for it fifteen minutes later. The question is, ‘What can you do to save it for later?’

Good Parenting Hacks Good Parenting Hacks
@lifehackerin via Instagram

Logically, you cannot keep throwing the lollipops and opening new ones over again. A better option would be to put them in a plastic egg, one like the one on the picture, to keep them clean for later on. Of course, your kid may not ask for it again. But it’s always better to be prepared, just in case.

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When the Toys Keep Floating Away

No matter if you have a huge bathtub, or your little one cannot reach out to the toys when they float away, you need to find a solution to keep them close. This way, you will not have to watch over the baby the entire time or hand over the toys each time they float away.

Good Parenting HacksGood Parenting Hacks
@SavannerBugs via Twitter

A great option is to put the toddler along with the toys in a laundry basket in the bathtub. It’s has proven as an extremely helpful hack, as it keeps the little one safe in place. What’s more, children tend to have a better time when all their toys are within reach so that they can switch among one another.

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Using the Wi-Fi in Your Favor

We are all well-aware of the importance of the Wi-Fi to young ones. In other words, they would do anything to get access to the Internet. So, as a parent, you can take advantage of this event, or make the kids work for the prize. So, if you have the password to the Wi-Fi, you have the key to success.

Good Parenting HacksGood Parenting Hacks
Aatrox94 via Imgur

As we can see, this mother knew exactly how to keep the ball in her court. More exactly, she required her children to clean the kitchen for access to the Wi-Fi password. If you use this hack, make sure to play it smart, as children are brilliant and might fool you with an old picture.

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“Binge Eating” When the Kids Are Not Home

Most parents tend to leave a good example for their kids, such as showing good manners, skipping on junk food, smoking, etc. However, as a parent, you will probably crave some things you advise your children not to consume. So, what can you do in such an event? Should you skip on the cake as well?

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
Twitter via @lunchboxdad

Fortunately, the parent society came with a brilliant idea. Apparently, the best time to consume everything you don’t want to share is when the kids are not home. It doesn’t matter if they are in kindergarten, school, or any other place; this is your alone time, so make sure to get full use of it!

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Fun Ways to Prove Your Point

Being a parent and teaching your children how to act or dress appropriately might sometimes be a challenging act. Many parents continually repeat the same arguments or lessons to teach the little ones some manners. Unfortunately, some kids tend to be stubborn, especially in their teenage years. So, what can you do instead?

vsBbsKa via Imgur

This dad came up with a creative solution. More exactly, he dressed up in the same fashion as his little girl. By using this technique, he believed that he would achieve a contra effect on her choices. Not only was this an educational, but also a fun experience. Well, at least for the father!

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The Snacks’ Hiding Spot

Most children tend to adore snacks. But, as a parent, you probably want to enforce a healthier diet upon your little ones. After all, they need their vitamins to grow into healthy individuals. Even more, many parents use snacks as rewards and reinforcements. So, they save them for ‘special occasions.’

Pinterest via Loud Brain

The problem arises when your kids have access to the snacks. And no matter where you put the sweets or candies, the little ones eventually find ‘the hidden treasure.’ Luckily, this parent came up with a great hack and hid the Snickers into a Soybeans package. So, even the most resourceful kids wouldn’t find them.

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The French Fries Hack

In the last couple of years, many parents came up with the most creative and innovative cooking methods. More exactly, they shape their kids’ food in attractive and appealing figures. Ultimately, the little ones end up loving each of their dishes, even if they contain fruits and vegetables.

Instagram via @pura_vida_growers

Similarly, this parent came up with the French fries hack. As we all know, potatoes come in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors. But somehow, the little ones favor the French fries edition. So, what a better way to ‘mask’ the apple than cut it into the French fries slices? After all, it’s one of the easiest cooking hacks.

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Getting Creative in the Snow

Many studies show the importance and benefits of letting your kids play in the snow. More exactly, playing in the snow can improve your children’s health and strengthen their immune system. It can also help them get their daily dose of vitamin D, promote problem-solving, imagination, burn some calories, improve their sleep, etc.

Instagram via @michelle_carvalho_

However, children usually get bored after playing in the snow for a while. So, they tend to ask you to build all kinds of figures to make their game more interesting. Luckily, this parent came up with an easy and fast way of building a wall, or as the little ones like to call it, a fortress to play along.

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You Shall Not Pass

Like this dad, you might also enjoy a good barbeque. After all, there's nothing like a day in the backyard with some good food. However, this is only simple when you have age-appropriate friends. The problem arises when one of the youngsters decides to intervene.

@ladbabyofficial via Instagram

As we can see, the little man can easily get burned. So, instead of continually checking or protecting them from the hot grill, you can build some kind of fence to make things safer for the little ones. Kids certainly love getting into scary situations. So, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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An Easy Way to Prevent a Battle

To have and raise a kid is challenging on its own. However, having twins or triplets usually makes things more difficult. Well, at least until they are babies and you need to take care of them at the same time. What’s more, as they grow up, the twins and triplets tend to get into arguments with each other.

Facebook via Jack White

Fortunately, this dad came up with a comfortable yet innovative way to keep the triplets quiet while driving. After all, it is much safer, as he can keep his attention on the road instead of watching the little ones. Furthermore, it will keep the family peace, as they cannot see or hurt each other.

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Color Coding the Clock

Sometimes, parents find it challenging to organize their children’s time, as they have obligations of their own. The little ones love their playtime, so they usually don’t care for the remaining activities. So, as a parent, you should develop some standards or exciting ways to keep your little one busy and productive at times.

Pinterest via Sanjica Ninkovic

This parent came up with an interesting way of arranging the kid’s time. Starting from 4 PM, this parent has set some milestones, including homework, playtime, bath time, and family or supper time. After all, you can adjust your goals depending on your little ones’ activities, hobbies, needs, and wishes.

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Teaching Left from Right

Usually, kids can tell left vs. right by the time they are five to six years old. However, they can take a bit longer, so you shouldn’t worry if that’s the case. Nonetheless, you should try and teach your little one how to make the distinction, as it is especially important when it comes to putting on shoes.

Instagram via onecreativehousewife

This parent came up with an interesting way to help the little one put on the appropriate shoe. More exactly, he has cut a sticker into two parts and placed each one in a separate shoe. When the child places the shoes appropriately, the stickers form the figure or the little green cartoon character.

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The Ultimate Baby Protection

As a parent, you probably understand the need for taking your child wherever you go in the house, especially if you have a yard. After all, adults have responsibilities all around the property. Yet, the little ones shouldn’t be left alone or unattended. Well, unless they are sleeping and you have a baby monitor.


This mom came up with a great hack of protecting her baby while she is gardening. More exactly, the little ones are quite sensitive to the sun, along with different insects, such as mosquitoes. Using this technique, you can leave your baby playing in their crib without worrying about such dangers.

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The Trampoline Safety Hack

Most children find jumping on a trampoline as the most intriguing and fun activity. That’s why many parents decide to purchase a trampoline for the back yard. However, in the last couple of years, many studies have shown that the trampoline imposes many dangers and different injuries, especially for the little ones.

BobbyDOL via Imgur

So, parents have been trying different techniques to improve their children’s safety, jumping on the trampoline. Similarly, this parent has come up with an easy way to lower the probability of kids’ sprains and fractures in the arms or legs and head and neck injuries by proofing the empty space to the frame.

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Your New Best Friend

Many parents find bathing their little one as the most challenging task, especially when it’s time to rinse the kid’s hair. More exactly, most children find bathing time as a fun activity up until the water gets in their eyes. When in a matter of seconds, the playtime turns into a short horror story.

The question is, what can you do as a parent to make bathing an entertaining activity for your child and an easy task for yourself? This parent has come up with a great and cheap alternative for swimming lessons. So instead of calming your little one about getting water anywhere, you can get the bathing protecting hat.

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The Bed Sheet Transformation

Going to the beach with your little might go in two separate directions. If done correctly, you can end up having the best time with your kid. However, if you don’t arrange the environment properly, you can end up spending your day following and protecting your baby from the sun, water, and other outside factors.

Team Johnson via Imgur

That’s why many parents decide to purchase a playpen where they can put their little ones, along with their toys and an umbrella. However, some parents find a playpen a bit expensive. Luckily, this parent came up with a great alternative of transforming their bedsheet into a playpen for the child to play along.

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The Alternative Use for the Crib

As a parent, you have probably purchased a crib as the safest and easiest way to put your baby to sleep. What’s more, many parents tend to spend a fortune on the crib. So, it’s quite disturbing when your baby grows up, and you need to throw the crib away. Well, unless if you plan on having another child.

Pinterest via Joanne Bosler

Fortunately, this parent came up with a great hack to modify the baby’s crib. This activity is a great way to save money and innovative design for the kid’s room. More exactly, this parent has repurposed the crib into a working table with two chairs for the toddler to get creative.

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The Cheapest Innovative Garage

As the toddlers grow up, they usually come up with the most diversified ideas and requirements. Most of them tend to require a garage where they can store their cars and other toy vehicles. However, purchasing a large toy garage might cost you a fortune. So, what’s the second-best option?

Pinterest via Sarah

This parent came up with a great hack of designing a toy garage. More exactly, he has used toiler paper rolls. He has glued them together and arranged them appropriately to form a garage with several floors, each of which can store several toy vehicles. Even more, he has added a ‘parking garage’ symbol at the top.

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The Graduation Shirt Hack

Nowadays, tracking your child’s progress has become one of the most popular trends on the Internet. Parents find the most diversified ways to make videos, set up the environment, and dress up their little ones, to show each stage of their growing up. Similarly, this parent has come up with the graduation shirt hack.

Pinterest via Tracy Schlater

You can print your kid’s gradation shirt from the time he/she starts going to kindergarten. Then, you can take a photo each year while your little one is growing up. In the beginning, the shirt will be huge. But, as your child grows up, if your estimation was right, in the end, the shirt will be the perfect fit.

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An Easy Way to Prevent Slipping

As your toddler grows up, he/she will start running through the house. However, if your home has slippery floors, you will need to find a way to prevent your little one from constantly falling or even injuring oneself. A great option is to purchase carpets for all around the house. Yet, it is neither cheap nor stylish.

An Easy Way to Prevent SlippingAn Easy Way to Prevent Slipping
Pinterest via TCLCOFFEE

Fortunately, there is another option to lower the chances of your child slipping into the house. This parent has a great alternative of using special glue to ‘baby proof’ the socks. More exactly, he is drawing attractive and stylish shapes on the bottom of the socks, simultaneously protecting the little one.

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BEE Careful With Your Baby's Head

We've all heard the saying, "Were you dropped on your head as a child?" whether you were the one doing the asking or, um, receiving (not that we're judging, of course). But while we're already all too familiar with the risks that come with bumping your little one's little head, we've actually found a great solution.

Head Protector, Parenting HacksHead Protector, Parenting Hacks
Amazon-Baby Head Protector Protection

No, you don't need to dress your little guy in a helmet the next time you want to take them to the swingset. Instead, you can have them stay safe in style with this colorful bee backpack, and, of course, we're sure it'll be a hit with his little friends; Win-win, if you ask us.

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Your Kid's New Coloring Station

Whether you have a little one or not, there's a good chance you've already learned the hard way just how much kids love to draw. A coloring book? Your bedroom wall? Everything is a canvas to these little Picassos. Lucky for you, we've just found them their - and your - new favorite coloring station.

Cardboard Coloring Box, Parenting HacksCardboard Coloring Box, Parenting Hacks
berrysweetbaby via Pinterest

Thanks to this parent's clever hack, you can have your mini-me thinking outside the box in no time - well, actually, inside the box, but you get where we're going with this, don't you? And something tells us your little one will be thrilled to try out the cardboard box for themselves. It's the little things.

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Turning Chores Into a Game

Who said chores had to be boring? We all remember just how "unfair" it was, back in the day, when mom and dad told us we had to make our bed or take out the trash. But thanks to this crafty hack, you'll actually have your little guys racing for that kitchen broom in no time.

Sweeping Game, Parenting HacksSweeping Game, Parenting Hacks
Danielle Porter via Pinterest

The best part? All it'll cost you is a roll of duct tape. Yep, simply outline whatever sections of the floor you'd like to be cleaned, and let your children's sibling rivalry do the rest for you. If you're feeling generous, you can even reward the fastest sweeper with a sweet treat or extra TV time - your call, though.

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An Easy DIY Hammock for Your Kids

When you think of a hammock, you might envision a palm tree on a remote island, where the only sounds around you are those of the waves and your own thoughts. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, lucky for you, our next hack will take you right there - that is, if you close your eyes and have some earbuds.

Hammock, Parenting HacksHammock, Parenting Hacks
LeAnn Faidley via Pinterest

All jokes aside, while we might not be able to promise you that same peace and quiet, we're pretty confident this easy hack will go over well with your little guys. Simply secure your bedsheets around the dining room table, and you're good to go. Naptime has never been easier, huh?

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Baby Photoshoots Made Easy

Thanks to mom and dad, most of us have memories that will literally last a lifetime - even if we weren't too happy about them pulling out the Polaroid at every birthday, family gathering, school function - it's all coming back to you now, isn't it? But now that we're older, how do we get our little guys to pose like we once did?

Photoshoot, Parenting HacksPhotoshoot, Parenting Hacks
DIY Baby Photoshoot via Pinterest

Well, thanks to these inventive parents, you can forget the temper tantrums and tears because, by the time you're done snapping away, your baby won't even realize what's just hit them. All this hack requires is your favorite blanket or sheet and an extra set of hands to hold it up straight - not too difficult, right?

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The Best Boogie Monster Fighter

Whether you admit it or not, there's a good chance you, too, once spent your younger nights forcing dad under the bed for the daily boogie monster check; And while we may have yet to actually meet our invisible 'friend,' his legend somehow continues to live on. Just ask your little guys; They'll be happy to remind you.

Boogie Monster Spray, Parenting HacksBoogie Monster Spray, Parenting Hacks
Screenshot via

But it's time to finally say goodbye to those backaches and sleepless nights because thanks to this crafty hack, you'll never have to do another bedroom check again. Simply take a regular spray bottle - a 'monster repeller' - fill it with water, and let your little ones do the rest.

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Stay On Top of Your Kid's Medicine Doses

Whether it's strep or allergies, there typically comes a time in our children's lives that call for a teaspoon of bitter syrup, and you can bet they're not too thrilled about it. So, instead of relying on them to take their meds (trust us, it's not looking promising), we've got a hack that'll help you stay on top of their dosage in no time.

Medicine Bottle, Parenting HacksMedicine Bottle, Parenting Hacks
Pinterest via Amber Schauer

All you'll need is a Sharpie, and you're good to go. Once you've got the marker in hand? Simply have you or your little one draw a table with three columns - the first, for each day of the week, and the other two, for morning and evening dosages. It's that simple, folks.

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Building the Best Fort

As a kid, perhaps one of our favorite memories called for lots of mismatched sheets, flashlights - and a stash of our favorite junk food, of course. Yep, we're obviously talking about the times we spent building those tricky forts, and, trust us, they were definitely worth all of the hard work.

Forts, Parenting HacksForts, Parenting Hacks
Pinterest via Autumn Wood

But thanks to these parents, building your kid's latest hangout spot no longer needs to be a backbreaking job. In fact, all you've got to do is place a portable fan in the center, keeping those duvet covers in place, and they're on your way to the best sleepover - or movie marathon - of their life. Just don't forget the snacks.

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The Frozen Marshmallow Ice Pack

If you're anything like us, one of the biggest challenges you faced growing up was the moment that kiss didn't, indeed, make your boo-boo all better, and you were forced to stick a freezing ice pack on your latest injury. But thanks to our next hack, your little ones will never have to share that same fate.

Marshmallow Ice Pack, Parenting HacksMarshmallow Ice Pack, Parenting Hacks
Pinterest via

In fact, they'll actually be met with a sweet treat, instead: Marshmallows! For starters, the gooey snack is pretty soft, which means it won't ever get as hard or cold as those blue ice packs, and, of course, once they defrost, your children can actually enjoy them. What could go wrong, right?

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The DVD Box-Coloring Set

We already introduced you to your children's new favorite, cardboard art-room, but what about when they want to lounge back on the couch and give their artistic skills a shot while their favorite cartoon (Frozen?) is playing in the background? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

DVD Case, Parenting HacksDVD Case, Parenting Hacks
Pinterest via Stacy Vaughn

We know that, for most of us, long gone are the days where we used to sit back and pop on our favorite movie into the DVD player. But did you know that those dusty cases sitting in your den could actually be put to good use? Yep, simply place a piece of paper on both sides of the DVD case, add a few colored pencils, and you're all set.

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Turn Bathtime into a Neon Party

Bathtime might just be one of the most unpredictable times of the day (aside from naptime, of course). Is your little one gonna go in without a fight this time? Or will that tub call for an overflow of bubbles and rubber duckies before they even step foot in the thing?

Neon Bathtub, Parenting HacksNeon Bathtub, Parenting Hacks
Pinterest via happyhomefairy

Well, your days of wondering are officially over. That's right, thanks to the help of some colorful glow sticks, you can turn that dreaded bathtime into a neon party - it's seriously that easy. Though we can't promise you, they'll want to ever leave the tub afterward. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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The Portable Step

As you watch your little ones grow up, you learn that there's not a whole lot that they can reach on their own. In some cases, that might work in your favor (ahem, the snack drawer). But what about when it comes to toothbrush time or simply washing their hands?

Bathroom Stool, Parenting HacksBathroom Stool, Parenting Hacks
Pinterest via Ana White

Lucky for you, bedtime just got a whole lot easier. Next time your little one asks you to give them a boost while they reach for the toothpaste, simply pull out the bottom drawer of that cabinet beneath the sink. Of course, you've got to first transform it with the proper tools, but something tells us your back will thank you.

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Make Those Locks Baby-Proof

If you've ever gotten locked in a bathroom or bedroom before, there's a good chance those memories still haunt you to this day. And, well, of course, you don't want your precious little ones to ever share that same fate. Lucky for you, we've got the key to solving your problems, literally.

Door Lock, Parenting HacksDoor Lock, Parenting Hacks
Pinterest via Katie Weis

Forget shelling out money on an entirely new lock - or hailing in a professional to do the work for you. That's right, thanks to this crafty hack, not only will your wallet thank you, but you'll never have to worry about your little one getting stuck anywhere ever again - well, in your home, at least.

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Avoiding a Lost Child

Whether you were the devastated parent, or the confused child, who wandered into the store's candy aisle and could no longer find mommy anywhere (horrifying, trust us), those days of getting lost are hopefully going to be in the past; And we've actually got a plastic bracelet to thank for that.

Wristband, Parenting HacksWristband, Parenting Hacks
Screenshot via

Yep, all you've got to do is get a plastic wristband, fine point Sharpie, and place all of your important contact information on the customizable bracelet; And don't worry, if you've ever been to an amusement park before, you know that these wristbands aren't falling off without a fight.

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The Pool Noodle Protector

Remember when you'd stub your toe as a little kid (or as an adult, we won't judge), and suddenly it felt like your life was ending? Well, lucky for you, this last hack will not only save you lots of tears, but it'll also preserve you and your little one's sanity.

Pool Noodle, Parenting HacksPool Noodle, Parenting Hacks
Pinterest via claudia De Gennaro

Yep, that's a pool noodle, but don't be fooled. It may look like it doesn't belong, but trust us, you'll be feeling otherwise the next time your little one accidentally runs into the door or decides to give it a good slam in the middle of the night. You're welcome.

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