Did Someone Say Punny? 29+ Incredibly Clever Halloween Costumes That Show the Ultimate Play on Words


| LAST UPDATE 08/22/2022

By Kayla Black
Instagram via @marinadesapega

With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to think outside the box with some extra "punny" costumes. From creepy creatures to celebrity ghosts, these clever Halloween looks deserve to be praised.

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A Message From Insta-Gram

You might not think that sweet old grandmas and modern technology go very well together, but evidently, they're a perfect pair! Just check out this adorable Insta-Gram, for all the proof you could ever need.

Insta-Gram Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @ashleymcclelland9

Not only is she an intelligent and tech-savvy woman, but she's also here to send a message and stand up for all the old folks out there. She would like you to know that even grandmas know how to use Instagram.

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Dunkin' on Donuts

You know the slogan for one of the most iconic coffee chains; America runs on Dunkin'. However, ever since the corporation changed their name from Dunkin' Donuts to simply just Dunkin', many customers felt that something was missing; Just take it from this girl.

Dunkin' Donuts Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @kathyconverts

She's put together an incredibly clever Halloween costume while also making a statement, for the sake of the donuts and coffee, of course. The two are a match made in heaven, so she's literally demonstrating the act of dunkin' her donut in the coffee, something loyal customers can likely relate to.

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Whole New Meaning of Coach-Cello

Do you know that iconic arts and music festival that happens in California every year, where people tend to dress to impress and wear loads of face paint and glitter? What do they call it again? Oh, right, Coachella! Well, this couple's given Coachella a whole new image.

Coach-Cello Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @lorynpowell

Introducing 2020's newest edition of the festival, Coach-Cello. If you look at all costume components, you can probably see they tied it together quite nicely. Between the eager sports coach determined to win and the human-like cello, they've truly brought a whole new meaning to the concept.

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Cereal Killer on the Loose

It's no secret that 2020 has brought us the unthinkable, and believe it or not, that goes for creepy criminals too. You might've thought that the most dangerous type of people out there were serial killers, but we're about to reveal to you a harsh reality, and it may take a few minutes to sink in.

Cereal Killer Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @sunshine_hill

Take a moment to try and imagine a world without cereal. That means no Frosted Flakes, Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or any of your favorite breakfast foods. And that's all thanks to the cereal killer, also known as your worst nightmare in the morning.

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Real-Life Smart Cookie

Did your parents, grandparents, teachers, or really anyone older than you ever call you a smart cookie when you were growing up? Potentially after winning a third-grade spelling bee, or maybe after completing your first 100 piece puzzle. And have you ever wondered what a real-life smart cookie looks like?

Smart Cookie Punny Halloween Costumes
Pinterest via kdwilson0624

To some, it's a somewhat misleading concept. Does it mean there's an actual sugary and delicious cookie that has a brain? Well, in this case, we've got the answer for you, and it doesn't look like this smart cookie tastes very good. While he may not be edible, we're sure he's still quite sweet, and of course, intelligent.

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When Life Gives You Lemons

You know how the old saying goes; When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But in all honesty, who actually makes lemonade every time they're given lemons? It seems like an enormous amount of effort if you ask us, but if you enjoy freshly squeezed lemonade, then it probably works out in the end.

When Life Gives You Lemons Punny Halloween Costumes
Pinterest via kgrasmon

The truth is, in most cases, they don't mean literally make lemonade. More so, if you have a tough situation, find a way to make the best of it. In this case, though, this bright and bubbly girl, by the name of "Life," is looking to give you a lemon, so your best bet is probably to make a tasty beverage out of it, right?

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Non-Digital Eye Pad

At first glance, you might be wondering how it's possible to have a non-digital iPad since all of Apple's products are electronic and are a significant part of modern technology. But behold the new and improved, limited edition Eye Pad. It's truly like no other!

Eye Pad Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @quaidie

Just think about it for a second; This lady must be onto something! She's holding a simple pad of paper with some googly eyes attached, so it only makes sense to call it an Eye Pad. We could be looking at the new Steve Jobs right here, what do you think?!

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AvoGato: The Trendiest New Pet

What do you get when you combine a perfectly ripe avocado and a cat? Drumroll, please… Take a look at the AvoGato! It has a cat's body, also known as gato in Spanish, with an endless supply of avocados growing off its fur. If you're an avocado lover, then this is surely the pet for you!

AvoGato Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @itsfitmadiwilson

Be sure to keep this on the down-low, but word on the street is, AvoGatos even get a special discount on avocados, since they're this creature's main food supply, of course. So, you can probably assume that means the same goes for owners and friends of AvoGatos.

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New Perspective on an Old Fart

While it's certainly not the most considerate way to refer to our respected elders, it's no secret that some people refer to the elderly as old farts. Some old folks are offended by this term, but others have chosen to embrace it, truly giving the crowd a good laugh.

Old Fart Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @eileen.chase

Like this lady, who dressed up as an actual old fart; Well, she's probably not an old woman, and just thought this would be a funny costume, but still, we applaud her efforts. What happens when you put an elderly woman inside a life-sized Woopie Cushion? Based on the sound the cushion makes, you can probably figure this one out.

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Seal of Approval

Have you ever worked so hard to accomplish something, now for yourself, but just to impress someone else? For instance, maybe you spent countless hours working on a proposal for work, hoping more than anything your boss would give you the seal of approval that you've been longing.

Seal of Approval Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @sb_smo

To take a closer look at the literal meaning of seal of approval, this girl's taken the liberty of acting it out for us, since the truth is, a picture's worth a thousand words, right? When you break the phrase down, it looks like we've got a cute and cuddly seal, giving their approval, which for some reason, means everything.

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Socially-Distanced Social Butterfly

Some people like to consider themselves, or maybe their friends, a social butterfly. Typically, this means that an individual is always making an effort to chat with others, attend social events, and is certainly not shy when it comes to meeting new people.

Social Butterfly Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @noordinarycherry

Given the digital age we're currently living in, between social distancing and modern technology, a social butterfly has taken on a new meaning, as it's adapted to new norms, just like we've all had to. So, these days, being "social" might just mean being active on social media platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

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Modern-Day Bread Winner

Back in the day, in many traditional households, one parent was considered the breadwinner, meaning that they had a successful job and typically provided for the family. However, do you think that meant they also literally brought home loaves of bread?

Bread Winner Punny Halloween Costumes
Pinterest via sharon98333

Whether that's part of the meaning or not, this woman decided to create her own interpretation of the term, and she's certainly winning at life! I mean, she literally won medals and brought home a wide variety of bread; What can be better than that! Unless you're gluten-free, then that could pose an issue.

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The Copycat's Been Exposed

In most cases, people get highly irritated by copycats, also known as individuals who mimics everything someone does, from school work to behavior, and everything in between. But in this scenario, the copycat we're looking at actually looks like a friendly and caring individual.

Copycat Punny Halloween Costumes
Pinterest via kayku

Just take a look at the girl in the photo; Does she really look like she has any bad intentions? Well, we'll let you make your own judgments on this one, but she appears to be more of an obsessive cat lady than a copycat. I mean, she's literally wearing a shirt covered in cat photos.

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Ghost Malone's Always Watching

Post Malone's become one of America's most iconic singers, from his unique lyrics to his appearance. With the words "Always Tired" tattooed on his face, this artist can rarely be mistaken for anyone else. Many celebrities have stage names or multiple identities, and apparently, so does Post Malone.

Ghost Malone Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @erikalaurenluvs

He's kept this one a secret for quite a while, but it's time to reveal his other identity to the world. Introducing Ghost Malone; The rapper who's always there. No matter where in the world his fans are or what they're doing at any given moment, Ghost Malone is watching.

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Snail Mail: A Lost Art

Have you ever heard of the term snail mail? It's not so common these days, but long ago, there was a time when email, text messages, and other efficient communication methods didn't exist. Can you even imagine living like that? Well, let's take a moment to give you all a brief history lesson.

Snail Mail Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @amberstonewells

Way back when, if people wanted to communicate with friends or relatives that lived far away, they had to whip out a piece of paper, physically write out their message, seal it inside an envelope with the correct address, add a stamp, and then put it in the mail. Hence the snail and the mailman.

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Portrayal of Fantasy Baseball

Throughout the year, dedicated sports fanatics obsess over creating the best possible team for their favorite sport's fantasy league. Whether it's baseball or football, fantasy sports have a way of taking over participants' lives. Have you ever wondered why it's called fantasy?

Fantasy Baseball Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @imchelseachambers

Something tells us there's more than athletics behind the concept. And what better way to portray fantasy baseball than through a unicorn with magical rainbow hair? Oh, and it wouldn't be complete without a touch of baseball apparel, of course. So there you have it, a fantasy baseball fanatic.

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2020 Rendition of 'Ice Ice Baby'

Who remembers the days of Vanilla Ice gracing our radios with his iconic hits? In case you're having trouble remembering, we'll give you a brief refresher; Ice Ice Baby. Now, are his catchy hits coming back to you? His music videos are great, and all, but this couple has taken the time to give a real-life portrayal of the song.

Ice Ice Baby Punny Hallowen Costumes
The Thinking Closet via Lauren Lanker

And what's the only logical way to act out Ice Ice Baby? Well, for starters, you need some ice and a baby. That's exactly what this adorable family has done for us, and who knows, they could be on their way to stardom as we speak! The baby hasn't even said his first word, and he's already a music video star.

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Hawaiin Punch in Human Form

There's no doubt about it, Hawaiin Punch is one of the most flavorful and delicious beverages to ever exist. But, if you're like us, your mom might've refused to buy it, given the amount of added sugar and its tendency to stain any surface it spilled on.

Pinterest via alisonshuai

For that reason, we're giving you a whole new perspective of the classic drink, and this time, it's spill-proof. What do you get when you give a Hawaiin dancer a pair of boxing gloves? We'll give you a hint; These gloves are meant to be worn when throwing a strong punch.

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Meet Card-E-Bee

If you're up to date on the hottest music of 2020, then chances are, you're familiar with Cardi B. Whether or not you're a fan of hers, it seems as the entire world knows this iconic rapper. She's released some unique music videos and is quite active on social media, but one fan chose to put a new twist on Cardi's appearance.

Card-E-B Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @silly_sam

We're proud to introduce to you the newest artist in Hip Hop, Card-E-Bee. Evidently, she's never seen without a deck of cards, as she's a master of blackjack. She's such a card enthusiast that she carries her deck in the shape of an E, and her wardrobe of choice is black and yellow, to represent a bumblebee, of course.

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How to Avoid a Catfish

With online dating becoming more prominent, people stress about being catfished more than ever before. Just to fill you in, being catfished means you met a person on a dating app, chatted for a while, and then when you met them in person, they didn't show up or appeared utterly different than their photos.

Catfish Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @tripandfall

So, we're going to teach you how to avoid a catfish. When you're swiping through the dating app, look closely to see if you're potential matches appear to have whiskers and glistening fish scales. Chances are, anyone with these features will eventually catfish you.

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Lego My Eggo

There's nothing like a fresh, crispy Eggo waffle to start off the morning. From chocolate chip to classic waffles, this brand sure knows how to make an impression on young and hungry minds. Especially in their slogan, "Lego My Eggo." Ever heard of it?

Lego My Eggo Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @mrs_doz

Eggo even made some waffles in the shape of LEGOs, giving kids the chance to express their creativity and eat breakfast, all at the same time. Now that's one way to start off the day! So, after feeding their children Eggo Waffles every morning, this couple decided to dress as the real-life delicious breakfast.

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Real Definition of a Chick Magnet

Either on a TV show or in real life, we've all heard men refer to themselves as chick magnets, typically with a great deal of confidence. They probably thought they were implying that they attract women left and right, but the funny thing is, men have been making this mistake for quite a while now.

Chick Magnet Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @hetyboi

Are you ready to learn the actual definition of a chick magnet? Brace yourselves, because it's far from what many people had thought. The truth is, a chick magnet is really just a person who attracts baby chicks. And we don't mean humans; We're talking about cute and fluffy baby chickens.

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Meat and Greet

Raise your hand if you've ever waited in line in unpleasant weather for countless hours just to meet your favorite celebrity? And chances are, you were miserable in line, continually trying to justify your reason for standing in the freezing cold, as it would be worth it once you got your signed poster.

Meat and Greet Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @sarahcrowe27

For that reason, we figured it's time to give the concept a whole new meaning. Low and behold, the meat and greet. Instead of waiting in line to meet a person, you can avoid the line and get some tasty meat while being greeted by friendly chefs and meat enthusiasts.

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The Newest Heavy Metal Band

Do we have any rock fans in the house? If so, you're in luck because we're proud to introduce the newest heavy metal band, and they're unlike and rock group we've seen before. Meet the band members; Arsenic (Ar), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), and last but not least, Bromine (Br).

Heavy Metal Band Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @lmocal

This group of rockers may not look like your typical heavy metal band, but they're redefining the genre of music, and unlike many other rock groups, these ladies have a degree in science. So, if you consider yourself a scientist at heart and a lover of rock music, then we've got the perfect band for you!

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Painful Black-Eyed P

What comes to mind when you hear the term Black Eyed Peas? Some of you might imagine the food group, which many children dislike, and chances are, some of you instantly imagine the music group, Black Eyed Peas. You know, the group that Fergie was a part of, singing the song I Gotta Feeling.

Black-Eyed P Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @atmikeyp

But, we've discovered another way to demonstrate the term; Just take a look at this photo. This guy must have a thing for letters or something because he cut out a perfectly crafted letter P and pasted it on his shirt. And to add the Black Eyed? Well, that's where his real black eye comes in; Let's hope he didn't get hurt!

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Life-Like Ceiling Fan

Have you ever tried to imagine a ceiling fan as something other than a metal structure hanging from the ceiling? Maybe even in human-form, if that's possible, of course. Well, think no more, because this girl has taken the time to show us what a life-like ceiling fan looks like.

Ceiling Fan Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @baimacow

Apparently, some people just love the ceilings of buildings and have a strong desire to show their pride and support to the world. It looks like this type of ceiling fan doesn't provide the same breeze that a typical fan does, but maybe if she runs around the room waving a flag, she can give that refreshing breeze.

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New and Improved Spice Girls

"So here's a story from A-Z," the Spice Girls are back, and they've certainly shaken things up with a brand new wardrobe, and even some new names. Please give a warm welcome to Cinnamon Sugar, Chili Powder, Ground Ginger, Ground Nutmeg, and Pumpkin Pie Spice.

Spice Girls Punny Halloween Costumes
Pinterest via Nancy Barron

Oh, and did we mention that they're not really passionate about singing anymore? This may be a hard pill to swallow, but the truth is, the ever-so-talented Spice Girls have developed a new talent, cooking. That's right, from meatloaf to pumpkin pie, these ladies know how to spice things up in the kitchen. I hope you're hungry!

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Attack of the Zombees

We've got a public service announcement for you all. When you step out of your house this Halloween, beware of the new species of bees on the loose, and they're more dangerous than ever before. They won't sting you, but they'll steal your candy, and sometimes, that can be more painful than a bee sting.

Zombees Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @juliajolynn

This hybrid species is called a Zombee, and they're just as spooky as they sound. That's right, it's a cross between a zombie and a vicious bumblebee, just waiting to steal candy from all the children out there. Zombees have black and yellow stripes, wings, antennas, and most importantly, the plate face of a zombie.

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Blessing in Disguise

Have you ever been told that something is a blessing in disguise? Specifically, when something unexpected happened that might've ruined some plans, but the reality is, it'll benefit you in the future, or so they say. However, it's tough to point out these blessings, since after all, they're in disguise.

Blessing in Disguise Punny Halloween Costumes
The Thinking Closet via thethinkingcloset.com

Evidently, if the concept existed in human form, it would look a little something like this. That totally makes sense, don't you think? I mean, this woman is obviously trying to help someone without being caught in the act, hence the cheesy mustache and glasses.

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Running to First Base

First base can have various meanings, depending on who you ask. To baseball fans, first base is the spot that a batter runs to immediately after they hit the ball, hoping to avoid being tagged out. But if you ask a curious teenager, who may be having their first romantic relationship?

First Base Punny Halloween Costumes
Instagram via @dr.joey.kaston

We're going to go ahead and let you figure this one out on your own, but just like in baseball, getting to first base is the first thing a player hopes to accomplish in a game. We'll give you a hint, just take a look at the kiss marks on this girl's shirt; Do you think she had some fun with her crush over the weekend?

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