Cincinnati's Christmas Tree Just Went Viral and The Reason Why is Hilarious

Scarlett Adler

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Michael Benedic for WCPO

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! ... well, maybe not in Cincinnati, Ohio, that is. Just this past week, the city's seasonal decorations - or lack thereof - left the online world in complete laughter, and something tells us you'll want to see it for yourself.

Instagram via @wkrq

It all started when Cincinnati Enquirer's director of photography, Cara Owsley, took to Twitter as she watched Cincinnati's Fountain Square attempt to join in on the holiday spirit; But if you ask her? Let's just say Santa's helpers could use a pointer or two.

“Not sure what happened to the Christmas tree at Fountain Square, but it’s the most #Christmas2020 tree ever,” the amused photographer joked. Well, go ahead and have a look for yourself. Are you also speechless? Don’t worry, the Twitterverse has a whole lot to say about it.

Instagram via @5chw4r7z

"I think Cincinnati got the tree on clearance this year?!" one user joked. "Charlie Brown must be the head of the tree committee," another added; Even Fountain Square's decoration committee, themselves, couldn't help but join in on the light-hearted fun.

Charlie Brown, Christmas
A Charlie Brown Christmas via Lee Mendelson Film Productions

"2020 has been a rough year for all of us, including our tree," the seasonal committee joked on their official Facebook page. But don't you worry: By the time December 25th comes rolling around, the Macy's Holiday Tree will officially be the talk of the town - and with good reason.

Catherine Viox for Cincinnati Refined

"Our team is hard at work making this 65’ Norway Spruce beautiful for the holiday season," the officials reassured. "Stay tuned for transformation photos as we get her fluffed up and beautified." Well, you heard it here first, folks: We'd stay tuned if we were you. In the meantime? Happy holidays!