Christmas Tree Farm Goes Viral With Hilarious Video


| LAST UPDATE 11/25/2021

By Molly Houghton
Christmas Tree Farm Viral
Instagram via @petersontrees

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Or at least it's about to be, as soon as those Christmas trees are up. And one Christmas tree farm in Elk Ridge, Utah, is pumping up their customers for this merry season with a hilarious video that's taking the internet by storm. Keep scrolling for some holiday-themed laughs.

Christmas farm goes viral
Instagram via @petersontrees

The LOL-worthy content was actually created last year as a celebration. Owner Derek Peterson wanted to make something special for their customers after Peterson Tree Care sold out in a mere eleven days. And make something memorable he did; the TikTok video has over 2 million views! And now that it's time for Christmas shopping again, Derek reposted the old clip to encourage shoppers to come by the farm.

Christmas tree farm video
Instagram via @petersontrees

"My family, friends, everybody is like, 'Oh, you're crazy, you shouldn't do it this year,' and I'm like, 'Well, we're doing it, so,'" Peterson admitted. And there's no doubt the shenanigans will be worth it, as the reposted video has 1.5 million views on TikTok - and counting. The clip is so beloved by people around the country that Derek has fans all the way from NYC saying they're going to the Utah farm.


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"We've had people saying we're gonna get a bus, just a lot of ladies are gonna come out and get a tree, they have a fake tree, but they want real trees," Peterson said. "It's just kinda fun having relationships with people and seeing how far they travel and stuff like that. We kinda try to make it a magical moment." So how did this Christmas magic first come to be?

Christmas tree farm viral video
Instagram via @petersontrees

"I happen to just be driving down the road, and that song came on, and I thought, 'We oughta do a dance to that, it would be kinda funny,'" Peterson explained. "We did a rehearsal a few days before, and the guys weren't really into it that much. We got him to get on the pole and do an inverted split; it was kind of that moment we know we had something special."

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Christmas tree farm TikTok
Instagram via @petersontrees

He added, "I thought it'd be kinda funny; I didn't think it'd be that funny. It's crazy; the comments are probably the funniest part about it all." And making it all even better is how absolutely stunning the Peterson Tree Care lot is. Seriously - check out their Insta page for a peek into their holiday magic. Who knows, maybe you'll decide to book a bus to Utah, too.