Chipmunk Terrifies Woman in Hilarious Viral Clip


| LAST UPDATE 07/03/2022

By Riley Hammond
hilarious TikTok woman chipmunk
Instagram via @mrs.getburly

Some TikTok videos go viral on social media for being relatable, while others gain millions of views for being so hilarious. But perhaps the best posts are those that have a combination of both. One woman named Ashley Caron from Massachusetts found herself in a difficult situation that turned into pure comedy for millions of people on the platform.

It all began when a surprise visitor showed up right outside the window of her house - and the sight of it was enough to make her push the panic button. The video starts with the terrified woman telling her kids to leave the room, as the chipmunk rests on her window. Visibly petrified, she then turns to the chipmunk and hilariously pleads with it not to give her a hard time. "Listen, let's make a deal, baby. I'm going to safely get you out," she says, before adding, "I just need to get with it. I'm going to open this and you just skirt out there and back to your happy, whimsical life." As she gets closer to the window, Ashley says, "Please don't bite me, don't do anything crazy, don't give me any diseases or my family." But did all go as planned? Let's see...

funny viral chipmunk TikTok
Instagram via @mrs.getburly
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As she slightly opens the window, the chipmunk makes a sudden move, causing a terror-stricken Ashley to let out a scream. The hilarious TikTok then shows her calling to her children, reassuring them that if she screams, "everything's fine." Like the viewers probably did, the kids respond by bursting into laughter. But next thing the mom knew, the sneaky rodent had found its way into her home. In the clip, she now looks like she's officially freaked out, and moves away from the window. "Nope, you were right the first time," Ashley yells as she points upward at the window. "That way! Nope, no!!!" But in the middle of her screams, someone came to her rescue - although maybe not exactly in the way she would have hoped...

@getburly This went well 😫😫😫 #traumatized ♬ original sound - GetBurly

The family's dog then appears and grabs the small intruder in its mouth. Ashley then appears to lose it, screaming, "No!!!" in the background of the funny video. "[I don't know] what I was expecting but it was NOT the dog," reads the comment with the most likes. Neither did we, TBH - but we have to admit it made the video even more amusing.

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