Mischievous Child Places $1,000 Food Order on Dad’s Phone


| LAST UPDATE 02/03/2023

By Tabitha Woodcock
Funny Viral Order GrubHub
@keithstonehouse via Instagram

What are we going to do about those unsupervised kids?! They're a dangerous thing! Just ask the Michigan 6-year-old who managed to rack up $1,000 worth of chili fries—which is surely enough to make any parent faint. Who knew that so much damage could be done in such little time with just one smartphone? Here's what went down in the Stonehouse household.

Keith Stonehouse thought he was a savvy and reasonable father when he put his phone in the hands of his son, Mason. Mason is no stranger to technology, and has previously dabbled around before, so dad thought it was no problemo. According to Today, Stohehouse explained, "It was father and son time and we were watching TV, and Mason says, 'Dad, can I use your phone?' So I gave my phone and I said, 'You have 30 minutes.'" Sounds fair, right? Keith definitely thought so, especially because Mason typically asks for the phone to play an educational app. Although this time, it wasn't so much for educational purposes. Plus, working hard can work up quite the appetite. It turns out 6-year-old Mason went on quite the shopping spree on a food app and racked up quite a bill. Yeah, yeah, sure - kid's gotta eat, but parenting doesn't come cheap! Talk about a reality check episode for dad and son.

Funny Viral Father Son
@keithstonehouse via Instagram
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When time was up, both dad AND phone were safely delivered upstairs at record speed with no fuss or fatigue from either party involved… and just like that; Parenting 1 - Kids 0. Or so Keith thought. Stonehouse was mind-boggled after the doorbell rang, and he opened it to find a delivery man from GrubHub providing him with 5 orders of jumbo shrimp, chicken sandwiches, and chili cheese fries, to name a few. He found out that the culprit for this culinary mayhem was his sleepy son, who had innocently gone on an ordering spree in late-night cravings - only to be declined at last by a bank's fraud alert! But don't worry, looks like some happy pizza has already made its way home!

Stonehouse said, "There's nothing you can do. So I just had to take it and that was that. I go up and I'm yelling at him, asking, 'Why did you do this?' and he's looking at me with just his eyes above his blanket… Mason stops me mid-sentence and puts his hand out, and says, 'Dad, stop. When are the pepperoni pizzas coming?'" All in all, no one got hurt, and everyone got fed. Thankfully, Keith let this one slide, a little...

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