Child Serves Scares - & Laughs - With Chucky Costume


| LAST UPDATE 08/01/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
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Facebook via Britnee Reed

It's all fun and games until the whole neighborhood is scared of a 5-year-old. Children don't usually mean any harm, especially playfully dressing up as the 1988-2021 Chucky doll character. Though it's completely normal to watch children dress up as their favorite characters, this instance was a little unusual and quite terrifying. Considering Chucky was the costume of choice for this child in particular, residents were a little worried.

It was a quiet afternoon in the residential town of Pinson, Alabama. A quaint area where families feel safe at home in the comfort of their neighborhood… until Chucky came out to play. It's not every day we drive home and witness the 1988 horror movie character in the middle of the road. It's unimaginable. Not to mention, it's still a little early for Halloween. For 5-year-old Jackson Reed, every day is costume day, and on this particular occasion, Reed chose Chucky. Unfortunately for the surrounding residents, their nightmares became a reality. While the costume involves a huge ginger-crazed wig and a mask with a face that doesn't move, Reed innocently stared at drivers and by-passers, unaware of the haunting he was causing. Of course, everyone is always down for a little prank. Even though the light-hearted humor turned to almost heart attack, residents still found the scare pretty funny.

Chucky Jackson Reed Alabama
Kendra Walden via Facebook
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Jackson was first spotted when Pinson resident, Kendra Walden, posted a picture of Jackson dressed as Chucky casually patrolling the sidewalk on the community Facebook page. Once the photo had circulated the community, Britnee Reed, Jackson's mom, had zoomed in on the image after a double take to only then realize it was her child! After learning the neighborhood scare was due to her son's mindful daytime activity, she touched lightly on the fact that Jackson "loves to make people laugh" and "dresses up in different costumes throughout the week" while explaining, "that's just kind of how his personality is." For the fun and "high-spirited" child Jackson has been characterized, he has an expansive imagination after choosing the fictional haunting doll. Did we mention he also walks around the house like this?

Since the post went viral, Jackson has received 16k comments and 50k likes on the post. Though some negative comments surfaced, others found it hilarious, and since then, he has been asked to attend multiple birthday parties! But let's relax on Jackson's side hustle as an entertainer. As of now, he is committed to his daytime activities, playfully scaring his neighbors. Any further inquiries can be taken up with his grandmother, who actually helped him dress up for the day and watched him take part in his "murderous" mayhem—what a day for the Pinson community.

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