Chicken Nugget Shaped Like "Among Us" Crewmate Sold on eBay for Almost $100,000


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Kayla Black
Among Us Chicken Nugget
Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

"Among Us" is a video game that skyrocketed to fame back in September '20, gaining a large array of players. Since then, fanatics have kept their eyes out for any character-shaped food items, and boy has this one gone viral! eBay user Polizna got a limited-time BTS meal from McDonald's, and in it was this gem.

Among Us Chicken Nugget
eBay via polizna

Many believe this nugget has a dome body and leg-like split, resembling a character from the video game. So, when it was found in the McD's meal, the buyer knew just what to do: log onto eBay. In the beginning, it was listed at a mere $0.99, but with one bidder's click of the mouse, the offer multiplied exponentially.

Among Us Video Game
Twitter via @AmongUsGame

Two days after being posted, the chicken nugget was selling for $14,969.69. While many were shocked that the bidding reached this number, we're excited to share that the story didn't end there. Sold in a plastic bag accompanied by several packets of Szechuan sauce, the price increased...

In the end, the nugget sold for a whopping $99,997.00 plus shipping! The price may have reached nearly $100,000 due to the game's large increase in downloads since September 2020. Or the fact that the item was a part of a limited-edition meal focused on the K-Pop boy band group, BTS.

eBay Among Us Nugget
eBay via polizna

When purchased, the BTS meal came with a 10-piece chicken nugget box, Szechuan sauce, medium fries, and a Coke. But, according to eBay seller, Polizna, the special "Among Us" food item was frozen and air-sealed to secure "freshness" prior to and during travel to its new owner.

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With almost $10K spent on a piece of food that could be eaten in a single bite, we can't help but wonder what the fate of the character-shaped nugget is. Will it be kept for eternity or enjoyed for dinner? While we ponder that, we've been scrolling through other "Among Us" fan-food-finds such as @Pizza0nTheRoof's potato!

This is just one of many food items that have been naturally found or manufactured to the character's shape. In fact, the Among Us Twitter account is full of foody finds that could be your next big purchase! From sushi to latte art, birthday cakes to cookies, the "Among Us" characters seem to be taking over.