This Celeb Impersonator Is Going Viral Online


| LAST UPDATE 05/12/2022

By Kayla Black
funny viral oppenheim brothers
Instagram via @hannahpilkes

With the fifth season out on Netflix and the reunion special over and done with, we're definitely still feeling the Selling Sunset shockwaves. And even for people who aren't a fan of the Netflix reality series, there's certainly no shortage of memes and Twitter reactions to laugh along with following each and every season. And added to the mix is Hannah Pilkes and Lisa Gilroy's jaw-dropping impersonation of the Oppenheim brothers.

The two internet comedians dropped the viral video back on May 10th and immediately caught the attention of the internet. In this short clip, the two jokesters walk us through a very, very exaggerated play-by-play of Jason and Brett Oppenheim in their daily life. Now, we're no experts on the Oppenheim brothers, but something tells us that this is not so grounded in reality - but hilarious nevertheless. The clip shows Hannah and Lisa in poorly fitting bald caps dressed up in Jason and Brett's go-to uniform: business casual jeans and a button-up shirt. From sleeping feet to head to pulling up each other's pants in the morning, this fictional day-in-the-life is a can't-miss parody for fans of the show.

oppenheim twins parody video
Rochelle Brodin / Contributor via Getty Images
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Things only got weirder in the video as we saw the "twins" share a bowl of pasta Lady and the Tramp-style and even drive to work sitting on each other's laps. People who saw this Instagram post seemed to be on the fence: partially weirded out but mainly laughing until their stomachs hurt! The video has raked in over 15 thousand views in a short amount of time and has gotten the "like" of approval from some big names on social media, including TikTok's @hellotefi and fellow comedians like Cara Connors. If you want to take a peek at this bizarre parody for yourself, you can catch a look at it below! But fair warning, this is no average comedy clip!

Now, it seems like the natural next step is to wait for Brett and Jason themselves to respond to this LOL-worthy impersonation. So you can consider our fingers crossed for this to be taken to the next level. Until then, stay tuned for more hilarious content trending online.

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