Cats Napping Weird Places

29+ Cats Napping in Hilarious Places


| LAST UPDATE 05/02/2022

By Arianna Morgan

Human or animal, we all love a good catnap. Whether we make it to the bed or pass out on the sofa, these cats prove there are endless other places one can catch some rest! Here are some of our favorite naps caught on camera.

The Cat Tree Nap

This fluffy ragdoll blends right into the tree; one might not even be able to tell he's there! Although it doesn't look like the most comfortable position to fall asleep, Manu seems to make it work.

Hilarious Cat Nap PhotosHilarious Cat Nap Photos
Instagram via @ragdolls_uuno_and_manu

With only his legs sticking out of the back, we can't help but wonder, well, "how can one fall asleep like that?!" But Manu's human parents uploaded the hilarious exchange to Instagram, explaining he might be getting too big for his cat tree! And they're probably right!

Couch Potato

At the end of a long day, there's nothing quite like switching on the TV, kicking our legs up, and binge-watching Parks and Recreation. There is always one caveat, though - the second the show starts, we tend to fall asleep with the remote in hand, of course!

Cat Nap Funny ViralCat Nap Funny Viral
Reddit via u/Jayn88

This Reddit user uploaded a photo of her cat with the caption, "I think my cat is actually a tiny man in a cat suit." This cat just seems to get it. The sleepy cat is sprawled out on the couch in a deep slumber, knocked out after a long day with the remote lying next to him. We've never related more.

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Where's Charles?

This cat knew exactly what he was doing when scouting the perfect place to take a snooze! Cats love having small spaces to run to and hide, as it helps them feel secure, calm, and ultimately happy - and it's no different for Charlie, who found the perfect spot.

Funny Viral Cats Napping Funny Viral Cats Napping
Instagram via @charlie_the_lil_floof

...And by perfect spot, we mean garage cabinet. Squeezing right under the cat food, paper plates, and some black binders, Charlie looks rather content. This cat's parent uploaded the photo to Instagram with the caption, "Where's Charles?" and honestly, it took us a second to find him!

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Coffee Naps

Meet Mika, Charlie's sister. It seems like this is a family of sleepyheads, and we love it. Mika is enjoying a summer day's nap after drinking a (decaf) cappuccino at her favorite coffee shop, surrounded by people who are sipping on their coffee but unfortunately cannot curl up in a wooden box.

Cat Nap Weird PlacesCat Nap Weird Places
Instagram via @mika_bruno_the_ragdolls

This fluffy feline has found herself the perfect spot, snuggled up with her paw out and eyes shut. We wonder if it was the coffee that made her tired or if this was just her normal catnapping hour... Regardless, it's one of the more hilarious places to fall asleep!

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Lettuce Wrapped

This cat knew it was lunchtime and decided the best place to fall asleep was in his owner's food! We've all experienced the necessary post-lunch nap, especially after a heavy meal - but for our poor cat owner, they can't take a nap and might need a whole new salad!

Funny Viral Cats RedditFunny Viral Cats Reddit
Imgur via Burritoworld

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a bed of lettuce, but the cat clearly disagrees, making this lettuce his bed! One online user posted the hilarious image of the cat accompanied by the caption, "My cat fell asleep in my salad."

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Big Spoon and Little Spoon

We almost missed this tiny kitten cuddled up to her doggy friend! According to her owner, this small little baby cat named Tonks found the perfect nap spot "on top of, underneath, inside, and next to our 70 pound Golden Retriever" named Luna. How adorable!

Cat Nap Weird PlacesCat Nap Weird Places
Reddit via u/BoosterCogburn

Tonks' owner posted on Reddit that the duo just love each other! The cat spends her days "harassing" the two-year-old golden retriever and then spends her nights "sleeping with Luna like nothing ever happened." That is some sibling love right there!

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Catching Those Rays

This cat looks like he is doing all sorts of things! Maybe he's stretching after a long day or sunbathing to get a tan. Or perhaps he's just super happy and lifting his arms up, ready to do a little dance! One Reddit user uploaded this photo of a friend's cat guessing something completely different - that he's melting. LOL.

Cat Napping Funny ViralCat Napping Funny Viral
Reddit via u/BuddyHolly967

The Reddit user joked, "Help needed! My friend's cat melted… what do we do??" Of course, this cat simply decided to take a nap in a rather unusual position, and we get it. Some people like to sprawl out wide to fall asleep, and that's okay; we wouldn't want to disturb their REM cycle.

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A Good Old Lap Nap

This cat is showing us the true meaning behind our ideal mid-day nap: wandering around the park, picking a nice spot to place a picnic basket and blanket down, laying down in the warm air, and just taking a well-deserved snooze. Luckily for this cat, that was their reality.

Cat Napping Funny ViralCat Napping Funny Viral
Reddit via u/Emanuelp24

This cat is truly enjoying the outdoors and the fine arts. The cat of the hour decided to curl up in the arms of a woman sculpture and doze off. The Reddit user behind this one uploaded the picture with the caption, "Any lap is a good lap to sleep on," and it's just true!

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A Long Doctor's Visit

No one likes visiting their doctor's office. Is it the sterile smell that wafts through the waiting room, all the coughing happening, or the screaming child in the corner? There is perhaps nothing as unpleasant as being one of many waiting to see the doctor, and this cat agrees.

Cat Napping Funny PlacesCat Napping Funny Places
Reddit via u/belkigeliryarin

This cat decided the best place to sprawl out for its afternoon nap was on a visit to the doctors' office! Clearly exhausted from seeing the doc that day, this cat passed out on the examination chair and seemed to be in a deep, deep sleep. We're wondering what the doctor prescribed him?

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Inbetween Looks

We have so many questions for this one, and so do the Reddit users who commented on the image! To start, how did he get up there. And to follow up with that, how is he going to get out?! Could this be comfortable at all? This is one flexible cat. Maybe he should join the cat Olympics?

Funny Viral Cat NappingFunny Viral Cat Napping
Reddit via u/Meantofrogs

We almost missed him there, but his dedication has found him a perfect hiding and napping spot - on top of his owners' hung-up PJs! Sometimes we're too tired at the end of the day to put away our clean laundry sitting on our bed - but we've never seen anything like this!

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So Many Questions

It's very common to fall asleep watching television on the couch - but to fall asleep behind the television is relatively uncommon! It just doesn't scream comfort the way the couch does. This Reddit user found their cat snuggled behind the TV stand and had to take a picture!

Cat Napping Funny PlacesCat Napping Funny Places
Reddit via u/punchahyourbuns

There's an old saying, "stuck between a rock and a hard place." But this cat is stuck between a television stand and a hard place, which might make it rather hard to fall asleep. However, it doesn't look like the cat had much trouble and is in a deep slumber!

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Classic Car Nap

This kitty clearly loves her sleep! The adorable feline is ready to cuddle up in any formation and pass out no matter the time or place, but decided the best place to take a nap was in her owner's car cup holder! We're wondering how she found the spot?

Cat Nap Funny PlacesCat Nap Funny Places
Reddit via u/PYRO49

Sleeping in a cup holder can't be the most convenient spot for the person driving, but it sure is really cute to look at! The Reddit user behind the post uploaded the photo online explaining her friends' new kitten prefers to nap in the car's cup holders, so why not!

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Grillin' & Chillin'

In addition to taking a nap after a heavy lunch, there's nothing like taking a nap after a barbecue. There's something about a greasy burger, fries, and hot dog that makes us extra sleepy - and this cat totally agrees! She might not be the chef in charge, but she sure loves a summer BBQ.

Cat Napping Funny ViralCat Napping Funny Viral
Reddit via u/Shhdrake

The cat looks like she had a hard day of work - just like her owner, who uploaded the picture explaining this is where he found his cat after he came home from a long day of work! Regardless of how she got up there, we're wondering if she's comfortable and if she's a fan of burgers or hot dogs?

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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Talk about a work-from-home distraction! We've all gotten used to the ins and outs of working from home - but something no one can predict is if our cats are going to fall asleep on our keyboards! If that happens, it might make it a little hard to do work, but it definitely deserves a cute picture!

Cat Nap Funny ViralCat Nap Funny Viral
Reddit via u/Panierschnitzel

Most of us wish we could step out for a moment and take a nap or fall asleep right on our desktops during a long day of work; the photo featured the caption, "He loves sleeping there whenever I'm on my PC." It's all in a good day's work, as they say!

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Finding the Purfect Position

Falling asleep anywhere is an actual skill, more so for cats than humans, but some positions look so uncomfortable! This cat decided to make himself at home, balancing between the sofa and the nightside table right underneath the light. Apparently, cats enjoy sitting under lamps, something about heat and such.

Cats Asleep Weird PlacesCats Asleep Weird Places
Reddit via u/Vo1x

Basically blending in with the grey couch, the kitty has his paws clinging onto one side while his tiny little head lays on the wooden table. Even though cats like to hang out and fall asleep in odd places, this can't be a comfortable position to fall asleep in!

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Please Don't Stop the Music

Music and cat lovers pay close attention to this purfect combination! With all the online streaming happening these days, it doesn't even feel like people are collecting their favorite CDs or records anymore - but this cat owner clearly has good taste in cute pets and music!

Cats Sleeping Weird PlacesCats Sleeping Weird Places
Reddit via u/zoodiary8

Regardless of the fact that CDs are so "last decade," this cat doesn't care. The tiny kitty cat found a comfortable position between Far Cry 2 and an unidentified CD. The orange and white striped animal looks like he turned the CD into a makeshift pillow! Talk about being a "cool cat."

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The Scholarly Cat

Talk about CDs and DVDs being outdated: softcover books are totally in the past. Just kidding! Physical books will never go out of style (hopefully). Of course, there are Kindles and all sorts of tablets to read from, but there's nothing quite like opening up a good book, and this cat agrees - sort of.

Cats Napping Funny ViralCats Napping Funny Viral
Imgur via Mysaren

This cat has worked a long day at the office, ran home to take a nap, and the first place he found to lay down was on top of all books, but he doesn't look phased at all. Classic. Additionally, the owner has quite a selection of novels, with Carrie sitting right front and center.

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The Sporty (Or Not) Cat

Of all the places to fall asleep, this cat chose a foosball table. Foosball can be a pretty competitive sport, and it looks like this cat is not about the competitive sports lifestyle - but rather the opposite. We can totally get behind this lax lifestyle.

Funny Viral Cats Napping Funny Viral Cats Napping
Imgur via TishyKitty

This cat's owner posted a series of photos of Bippy the cat from different angles on the foosball table, snuggled between the steel rods, completely passed out. Bippy must be a deep sleeper if he doesn't mind the mini plastic soccer players poking at him while trying to rest.

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Catching Zzzs

Imagine coming into the bathroom to wash up before bed, only to find a cat sleeping in the sink. Apparently, it's a thing! Felines often make their way to the bathroom, hop up to the cold sink and make themselves at home - just like this fashionable cat did.

funny viral pets Reddit funny viral pets Reddit
Reddit via u/memesareinmyblood

According to Dr. Rebecca Greenstein, a vet expert, cats enjoy sleeping in sinks due to the design of the bathroom accessory. "There have been studies to show that cat stress levels are significantly decreased when they have access to a hiding spot like a box, so we can extrapolate a sink may have a similar appeal," she said.

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Dripping in Jewels

According to the clock, it is bedtime for this little guy, and after a long day, 9:43 seems like the perfect time to hit the hay (or the jewelry). This cat found the perfect spot on the nightstand between the clock, picture frame, lamp, and jewelry platter.

Cats Napping Funny PicturesCats Napping Funny Pictures
Reddit via u/macaronisalad23

Cats love sleeping under the warmth of the light, but it doesn't look too cozy if a paw accidentally slips on a pearl necklace! Maybe this is the owner's signal to let the cat try on some of her jewelry. That sounds fun, doesn't it? Cat dress up, say no more!

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The Purr-fect Midnight Snack

Nothing like a midnight snack, right? It looks like this cat has the right idea about finding its way into the refrigerator! Somewhere between the dark roast coffee and chocolate bites lays a very curious kitty finding its way to the yummiest treats in the house!

Cats Napping Funny ViralCats Napping Funny Viral
Reddit via u/irisvent

This cat really has made itself at home here, so much so that its owner turned to Reddit for some assistance. This cat's owner uploaded the photo online with the caption, "any advice on how to stop my cat from hopping in the fridge every time I open it?? he does this every time." LOL. Hopefully, someone can provide some insight here!

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Holiday in the Sun

This little guy decided the right time and place to nap was while his owner was getting ready to take a little trip! The fluffy white cat found his home right inside his owner's suitcase. Maybe he was unimpressed that his owner was leaving him for a few days, and this was his way of making him stay!

Cats Napping Hilarious PlacesCats Napping Hilarious Places
Reddit via u/IAmTotallyAJohnSmith

Packing is exhausting. Making sure not to forget a toothbrush or underwear can seem like a minimal task - but turns out to be one of the most difficult. For this owner, it looks like he has shoes, a sweater, old airline tickets, and his cat, but nothing else has made the checklist.

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Into the Woods

Cats fall asleep in the weirdest places we've seen, and this one is no different. The orange cat decided the best place for his afternoon zzz's was inside a tree stump! After a long day wandering around in the park, this might feel like the perfect place to plop down!

Cats Sleeping Hilarious PlacesCats Sleeping Hilarious Places
Reddit via u/indigoscipio

It may not be the most comfortable, but it doesn't look like he cares too much! This cat knows how to contour his body in the right positions in that tree stump to perfectly cozy up. It even looks like there's a little black cat in the background who is getting ideas for his upcoming nap!

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Pillow Fight!

How can anyone look at that and not think, "aww!" There is something so serene about a cat that has found itself a hiding spot in a fluffy white pillow. This little cat's pink nose and paw are barely peeking out from inside the pillowcase, making itself almost unnoticeable, which could ultimately lead to a problem...

Cat Napping Funny ViralCat Napping Funny Viral
Reddit via u/reefadamus

As cute and peaceful as the cat might look, its tiny white fluffy body is blending into the pillow; it might be hard to spot the cat from across the room! Reddit users commented on the adorable photo saying, "all very cute until someone comes and sits down on the pillow." Yikes, be careful!

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No Complaints

Dexter, the cat, knows how to chill. Along with a few of the other cats we've seen, Dexter looks like he had a tough day at the office, and nothing suits him better than taking his boots off and kicking his feet up. We could all learn a thing or two from this cool cat.

Funny Viral Cat Pictures Funny Viral Cat Pictures
Reddit via u/lauraclarke20

This Reddit user uploaded the hilarious photo of her dad's cat, Dexter, who he found asleep in his computer chair with his feet up. Dexter looks like he's claimed the computer chair as his own and won't be giving it back to his owner anytime soon. Sorry!

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The Office Mascot

We all wish we could take a nap during the middle of our workday. Especially after working from home for so long, sitting at the office for nine hours can be exhausting, and this cat knows it. She was not up to doing any work that day - so instead, she took her catnap.

Cats Sleeping Hilarious PlacesCats Sleeping Hilarious Places
Reddit via u/Work4Carbs

According to this Reddit user, the company she works for decided to have "Bring Your Cat to Work Day" for all the cat lovers out there, and it looks like a success. This tiny cat decided it was time to tap out and found its way into the file tray right between the folders and the sticky notes. What a clever cat!

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Baby rockers are perfect for soothing newborn babies, so they're probably perfect for soothing sleepy cats, right? This cat definitely found it to be. The little black feline decided it was time for him to find a new sleeping spot, so why not find one proven to work well!

Cats Sleeping Funny PicturesCats Sleeping Funny Pictures
Reddit via u/Chickenalfredo7

This cat found the perfect sleeping spot, but it also looked like he might never leave! Tucked in the middle of the baby rocker under the mobile, this cat can swing back and forth for hours without being interrupted. Looks like their owner might need to pick up another one of these...

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Holding On For Dear Life

Apparently, the top of the staircase is the perfect spot for a catnap! Because heat rises, the top part of the staircase is likely warmer than the rest of the house - giving cats a great resting place! The banister is warm and elevated and a central location for cats to say hello to their owners lugging up and down the steps!

Cats Hilarious Pictures ViralCats Hilarious Pictures Viral
Imgur via droidkaran

Although it might look like he's holding on for dear life, this is a very comfortable and usual spot for cats to hang out in and fall asleep. Regardless of how unsafe the location may be, cats don't seem to mind too much. Don't they have nine lives after all?

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The Cat That Is a Hat

Almost everyone has read Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat; it's a classic. Early in our childhood, we were introduced to the ABC rhyme scheme that took over our hearts and elementary schools - but now not only do we praise Dr. Seuss's literacy skills, but we apply them to everyday practice.

funny viral cat nappingfunny viral cat napping
Reddit via u/nakedbardnips

This Reddit user uploaded her adorable cat photo with the caption, "Meet Fezco! My son's hat that's a cat." So not only is the cat snuggled on top of her son's head like a hat on his head, but it seems the owner named her cat Fezco after the Euphoria star!

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Her Majesty the Cat

No matter how many times we look at this image, it's never not funny! The combination of the fluffy white fur, its paw sticking out from the side of the bowl, the little beady eyes pushed into the plastic, and somehow barely being able to identify its body, this could be one of the cutest images ever.

Cats Napping Weird PlacesCats Napping Weird Places
Reddit via u/00zim00

We do have so many questions, though. It appears the cat was playing on a climbing tree of some sort and decided to take a break and rest in the bowl-shaped structure. Reddit users found her majesty the cat hilarious for plopping herself down like this - and we totally agree!

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