Cats Call 'Emergency' Lunch Meeting, Demand Wet Food


| LAST UPDATE 06/30/2023

By Riley Hammond
cats viral TikTok video
@sarahhallyyc via TikTok

We've got an important business meeting to attend, and it's being conducted by none other than two cats, Miso and Neko. These feline CEOs have called their owner, Sarah Halprin, to discuss the most pressing issue of their 'nine lives': lunchtime.

Halprin was chilling at her home in Calgary, Canada, when she was summoned to the "meeting" by her two rescue cats. And it's a meeting we won't forget anytime soon! The video of Miso and Neko demanding their food has gone viral on TikTok, with over 1.3 million views and 275,000 likes. I mean, who knew cats could be so damn relatable? According to Halprin, these two are no ordinary cats. They're CEOs of their own company, and they take their lunchtime VERY seriously. This wasn't their first rodeo; it was a well-rehearsed routine. And although it's important to establish a consistent feeding routine for cats, Miso and Neko preferred to take matters into their own paws. They made sure their owner knew exactly what they wanted with some hilarious vocalizations and non-verbal signals like staring and pawing.

cat hilarious video viral
@sarahhallyyc via TikTok
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Now, let's talk feeding routines. VCA Animal Hospitals suggests feeding a cat twice a day, with around 12 hours in between each meal. But every cat is different, and some might prefer little and often. For Miso and Neko, lunch was their favorite meal of the day, and during Miso's final week, Halprin made sure they had everything they wanted. She was spoiling them rotten, and why not? After all, Miso had heart failure, and he needed to be put down. As sad as that is, we can't help but appreciate how much love Halprin showered on him. The TikTok video has garnered over 1,280 comments, and they're pure gold! One commenter joked that the cats were trying to fire Halprin for not meeting their lunch demands. Another said that it was the only meeting they'd ever attend. And if you think about it, who wouldn't want to attend a meeting with cats as hilarious as Miso and Neko?


I've been called into a meeting by "management".

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Losing Miso has been tough for Halprin, but she's finding comfort in the video going viral and people falling in love with her beloved kitty. "It's just really nice to see him make people smile. He was a really special guy, and he will be so missed," she said. We hope this video brought a smile to your face, just like it did ours. Let's all take a moment to appreciate the hilarity of Miso and Neko and their no-nonsense approach to lunchtime!

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