The Adorable Reason This Cat Is Going Viral on TikTok


| LAST UPDATE 03/27/2022

By Riley Hammond
gray cat viral tiktok
Instagram via @littlebuglurchie

It happens every single time - one minute we're chopping onions for dinner, and the next thing we know, our eyes are stinging, and there are tears streaming down our faces. And this poor kitty didn't know what hit it when all of a sudden it began to sob in the middle of its owner's kitchen.

The effect of onions on any person who happens to be around while they're being chopped is pretty well-known. But apparently, cats aren't immune to the superpowers of this vegetable. If anyone ever needs proof, we have it right here, thanks to this TikTok user named Jake Mayers, who uploaded a video of his grey cat sitting on the kitchen counter as dinner was being prepared. In the video, someone is apparently chopping onions on a cutting board, and the facial expressions of the poor cat were not disappointing.

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At first, the cat had her head right over the cutting board and appeared to be supervising all the chopping. But then this poor little feline looked up and slowly opened and shut her eyes as they became more and more watery. "Lola are your eyes okay?" someone, presumably Mayers, can be heard saying in the clip. Poor Lola looked so confused, and her owners couldn't help but laugh at the hilarious faces she was making - and they weren't the only ones.

hilarious onion chopping viral
Capelle.r via Getty Images

The TikTok video, which has gone viral on the platform and gained more than 10 million views, has amused thousands of other users. The comments section was filled with people both sympathizing with the confused cat and laughing at her hilarious reaction to the effect of the onion. One user, named Raven M, commented, "Precious angel just wants to be involved at all cost." Another person joked, "This is me checking my wages on my account." LOL. Relatable, if you ask us. One user hilariously wrote, "This seems like a consequences of my actions kinda thing." Well, they're not wrong. Any cat owner probably knows if Lola's owners had tried sending her to another room, she would have come straight back to the kitchen to finish overseeing dinner preparations. Stay tuned for more relatable laughs!

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