Can You Guess Which Marvel Superhero Showed Up to March in New York?

Taran Underwood

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Looks like someone's spidey senses were tingling.🕷️

With all of the troubling visuals that have emerged from the recent protests in America, it can be tough to find a genuine reason to smile.

Since you're visiting Comedy, though, please allow us to share a goofy clip of the amazing Spider-Man scaling the side of the Manhattan Bridge in his hometown of New York as demonstrators cheer him on.

"You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!" one man says in the background. Amen, brother.

While you're here, feel free to scroll through a few of these other clips highlighting some more peaceful moments from rallies across the country. They may even restore your faith in humanity a little bit.

She's really ballin'! Can't lie, that cop has a smooth jumper, too.

This dance party looks like too much fun.

You love to see it.

This is what togetherness looks like.

Turned things up and into a block party.

So much emotion packed into one hug.

Recognizing a long, peace-filled day of protesting with fireworks.

"Daddy changed the world." You can't help but love this little girl's optimism.