Bridezilla Is Shocked When Friends Won't Pay $3000 To Come To Her Wedding


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Kayla Black

It should be written somewhere in the bible... never upset a bride before or wedding. Every old-time romcom has demonstrated this, every story has proved this and yet, we never seem to learn. However, what if you have a ligament reason to disagree with the bride to be?

A woman posted to Facebook that she was unbelievably upset with her friends for not wanting to pay $3000 to join her and her future husband at their dream wedding location in Thailand.

Her post read began with "At this risk of sounding entitled..." Which is pretty much the same as saying "no offense" right before you offend someone but, at least she is aware that this is a little bit ridiculous.

The rest of the post read: "When we invited our friends and family to our destination wedding in Thailand, only nine people RSVPs. Out of 150! OK, I get it, paying $3,000 to share my special day is too much for some of you, I'd pay for yours, but whatever. We changed the wedding to be in Hawaii, so it's within everyone's reach, only seven of you RSVPd? It costs less but less of you wanna come? " Somebody needs to tell this lady that not everyone has $3000 lying around for a trip to Thailand or Hawaii. Surely if they did... they would already be lazing on the beach. Not everyone has money like that- even when it's a good friend's wedding.

She also says (and this part is my personal favorite) "I'm tempted to just elope and not let any of you be a part of our happiest day. This is it guys you have three days to respond to our e-vites or we're deleting you off FB and good luck keeping up with our lives then." Oh dear... what a tragedy it would be to not be about to keep up with their lives.

She also commented on how her friends only chose the cheap stuff on their registry. Sure, people can be stingy but, this post obviously ended up going viral and people are in shock that a woman could be so insensitive to people's financial strains just because it's her wedding day.