Bride And Groom Swap Outfits For Their Wedding

Taran Underwood

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In this day and age, the term 'weird' has become more subjective than ever before. Going with a traditional approach now is almost unheard of. That's why Ciara and Bobby's strange wedding kind of makes sense.

Some girls dream of a fairy-tale wedding with a big puffy white dress to match, Ciara O'Donnell on the other hand, could think of nothing worse. She wanted to get married but, she had no desire to ever walk down the aisle. Luckily, her hubby-to-be decided on a plan to get hitched in a way that would best suit their relationship.

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The two love birds decided to switch roles for their wedding service. Bobby spent £45 ($57) on a tasteful, white gown matched with a beautiful tiara.

He, alongside his groomsmen, all looked like the prettiest boys in the world with their stylish dresses on. The ladies also stuck to the theme and Ciara rocked a two-piece suit next to her bride.

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The ladies look fabulous in their suits. However, the men just looked hilarious. Bobby and Ciara had no intention of making a mockery of marriage but rather, felt that this best represented their love for each other.

"We always joked Ciara wears the trousers in the relationship, so it made sense for her to wear them at the wedding. Ciara said she wouldn't be walking down the aisle for me, so I walked down the aisle for her. So we decided to do everything backward," said Bobby. "I took her family name. It was so relaxed and everyone had a great laugh. There were a few gobsmacked faces."

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Ciara was excited to have a different from usual wedding. "We decided it would be so funny. Me and Bobby can be a bit wacky and we thought if we did it, it would really break the ice and give everyone good form at the start of the day," said the bride. The ladies were informed that they would be wearing suits.

Let's be realistic, no girl is going to a wedding without knowing what her outfit is. The men, on the other hand, had no idea they would be given navy dresses. Bobby, 35, from Swansea, South Wales, said: "I wouldn't let them try the outfits on before in case they backed out, but on the day, they loved it. They cried tears of bemusement when they saw the dresses."

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Ciara, also 35, added: "The bridesmaids were fine with the suits - girls can look really good in suits. "But my brother was one of Bobby's groomsmen and he kept texting me, 'when are we getting our suits?' I had to say, 'you aren't getting one'. Because they are all hairy and tattooed, it was funnier."

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Bobby further explained: "Although the service was quite funny and shocking - we weren't doing it to make a mockery of marriage. It was a big thing for both of us, all the words in the service were so personal."