A Hilarious Recap of April Fools 2022


| LAST UPDATE 04/03/2022

By Lily Tipton
mcdonalds viral april fools
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April Fools Day. For the more timid souls among us, it's often a day full of dread and anticipation, while for the pranksters of the world, it's their time to shine! This year saw a return of several brands getting in on the action. Whether it was McDonald's, Krispy Kreme, or even Amazon, they gave it their all in an attempt to entertain their customers and rack up some publicity in the process. From doughnut-scented perfume to Sweet 'N Sour Sundaes, we've rounded up some of the best brand pranks of 2022.

Have you ever wished you could inhale the aromas of the seaside or fresh bacon from the comfort of your own home? Well, in true Amazon style, they're here to help. Amazon showed off the latest feature of their home assistant robot on the Alexa TikTok account. With the clever caption, "my latest feature makes a lot of scents," a video showed Alexa describing a scenario and then releasing the associated smell directly from the device. "Gone are the days of purchasing clunky oil diffusers and scented candles," they teased. Although a hilarious April Fools joke, for now, something tells us this could soon be a reality. If anyone can make it happen, it's Amazon.

@alexa99 My latest feature makes a lot of scents. #alexa #amazonalexa #newfeature ♬ original sound - Alexa
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Another scent-directed prank came from none other than Krispy Kreme. The incredible smell of freshly glazed doughnuts entices their customers into their stores daily, so for the first time, Krispy Kreme is giving people the chance to walk around smelling of the sweet treat all day. Their new perfume, L'Original Eau de Glaze Parfum, described as "a timeless, modern and iconic fragrance with sweet notes of fresh vanilla crème," comes in a doughnut-shaped bottle and allows you to "smell like an OG." It's simple, really. Who wouldn't want to smell like a glazed doughnut?? Just us?

Krispy Kreme, April Fools
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Last but certainly not least is McDonald's. The Australian side of the company took to Instagram to alert customers of the newest addition to their menu. Marketing the product as "the treat your taste buds never knew they needed," they revealed the new Sweet 'N Sour Sundae. This confusing savory/sweet delicacy involves their classic sundae dessert with drizzles of their famous sweet 'N sour sauce. They even recommend dipping fries in! Listen, we won't judge it till we try it. 

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