Boyfriend Accidentally Prints 100 Copies Of A Sexy Calendar For Girlfriend

Taran Underwood

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It's always nice to show your love in big ways. Dean Spencer planned on surprising his girlfriend with a calendar filled with cheeky pictures of himself. This gesture was already big until he accidentally ordered 100 copies of it, which might have been a little too much.

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Dean put together a calendar featuring different themed pictures of himself that were a bit risqué and for his girlfriend's eyes only. He then played around with photoshop and ended up making a pretty funny calendar.

It was supposed to be humorous for Jamie Wilkes, his girlfriend, but he realized that he had accidentally ordered a fortune of the calendars and had no idea what to do with them.

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He tried to turn this incident into a business opportunity and sell a few of his masterpieces. However, a sexy calendar isn't as much of a hot commodity if it's featuring some random guy from Bolton. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, he's selling them at £8 a pop. He also gave to friends and family.

He said that "It was meant to be a bit of fun for my girlfriend. I took my clothes off and got my Photoshop on. When I opened the box my first thought was 's**t' and realized I'd somehow managed to order 100 by mistake. I didn't know how to tell Jamie. I panicked and started checking my bank balance and then I turned to Twitter to ask the company, Instaprint, what I should do, and they suggested I sell them."

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He continued: "I gave it some thought but it turns out not many people are in the market for one of these calendars, I can't think why. Now they're just sat in my room and I'm getting a bit desperate to shift them."

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Well, he did put in a lot of effort so it would be a shame to just throw them away. Besides, its suitable for almost all holidays such as St Patrick's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, all represented in a series of semi-naked photos featuring Dean.

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At least Jaimie loves the calendar, even if it did put her boyfriend out £80. She said that "He put a lot of effort into this - I'm just glad I didn't open it in front of my parents. The fact he's ended up with 100 of them is just the icing on the cake."


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