Boy Cries When Mom Surprises Him With First McDonald's Since Lockdown

Taran Underwood

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A 9-year-old boy cried tears of joy when his mother surprised him with his favorite food. The McDonald's in Singapore had been closed for weeks because of the lockdown. However, Mum Wati decided to surprise her son Adam and his reaction was just priceless.

During the video Mum Tati took in the car, she let everyone in on the surprise. She said, "Hello guys. I'm getting McDonald's. It's a surprise!" However, she did consider that "the smell will give it away." When she had the goods, she walked into the house with a bag behind her back.


Poor Adam thought his mom was just pulling his leg and that she didn't actually have anything behind her back. Knowing that it was impossible for her to actually have McDonald's at a time like this, Adam started to cry. However, when Mum Tati revealed what she had, she explained, "I wanted to surprise you. Look, what is it?"

"McDonald's," Adam answered through his tears.


As soon as he realized that this was not a drill, he peacefully ate his chicken nuggets. Adam's mother posted the video with the caption: "Today I was reunited with a Big Mac Meal from McDonald's after two long months and it was way more emotional than I could have ever imagined. I missed you @McDonalds."

Many people were concerned about Adam's "overreaction." However, Mum Tati explained that it was caused by his sensory sensitivity and mild autism. Most people who saw the video just loved seeing Adam so happy. One of the viewers commented, "This boy's genuine reaction is enough to move anyone's heart."