These ‘Bored Teachers’ Are Absolutely Hilarious


| LAST UPDATE 03/22/2022

By Arianna Morgan
funny viral bored teachers
Instagram via @bored_teachers

We already know teachers are the ultimate superheroes, and this just seriously confirms it. Briana Richardson is a middle school teacher from Mississippi who had the genius idea of getting teachers together and giving them the belly laugh they deserve: Bored Teachers. Richardson knows all too well the ins and outs, stresses, and accomplishments of teaching, so why not share these anecdotes with fellow teachers? And get a laugh in, of course.

Richardson knew what it would take to get a group of educators together after a long and tiring workday, and it would be well-needed laughter. The dedicated teacher gathered educators from all grade levels at the Florida State College for a special comedy show starring teachers! A show put on by teachers for teachers. This is precisely what professional development should look like! The show was bound to be a success from the moment the teachers entered. There was a sign at the ticket desk that said: THIS.IS.SELF.CARE., and yes, it is. Safe to say, the 830+ teachers certainly enjoyed the show...

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This first show was born on March 12 through Bored Teachers, an online platform full of videos, memes, comments, and more about the daily nuisances of being a teacher by both past and current teachers. The on-stage comedic teachers were making joke after joke regarding the shortage of teachers, lack of substitute teachers, hilarious comments from students, and even joked about that one time states tried to arm teachers in school. Haha! Bored Teachers have created a following, and teachers worldwide know they are not alone in facing the challenges of the job, especially after online teaching. So, this group of comedic teachers will be taking their comedic talents through Florida and the Northeast on their spring break comedy tour!

Viral Teachers Comedy Tour
@bored_teachers via Instagram

Now that Bored Teachers has kicked off their spring break tour, teachers everywhere can share a laugh with other educators after their hectic workdays. "The pandemic made us brave," said Briana Richardson, and yes, it did - but it also gave us Bored Teachers, so thank you for that!

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