Blake's Baby Bump Goes Viral!


| LAST UPDATE 09/20/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Blake Lively Pregnancy Paparazzi
Taylor Hill via Getty Images

Unlike every celebrity, we are now aware Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are not your typical Hollywood couple. Known for their witty humor, light-hearted pranks, and being completely in awe of each other, they are now expecting their fourth child! Although this was no Instagram announcement, that's way too basic for the Lively-Reynolds pair. Instead, they tapped into reality and shared it with the rest of the world naturally.

So, in good news, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expanding their beautiful family! They are giving another sibling to their three children, James, Betty, and Inez Reynolds. From gossiping on the Met steps to being a full-time mom, Ryan is known to express his love and support for his wife. She does a pretty good job, and for 35 years-old and three kids, Blake is glowing more than ever before. There could not be a better moment for Blake to tap into her old Serena Van Der Woodsen ways and outsmart everyone around her, giving the paparazzi a run for their money.

Blake Lively Pregnancy Paparazzi
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images
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Black Lively attended the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women's Summit, but it was not her gold sequinned dress that stunned everyone. Lively turned up with an obvious baby bump! Though she is an A-list celebrity, this doesn't mean she has to share every private piece of information with the world. They both were ready to share it with everyone in their own way. The couple received amazing and positive reactions while the news quickly spread, although, others decided to slam the couple for the surprise announcement. Some users commented, "you wanted the attention," while another boldly suggested Lively should have "stayed at home for nine months like other celebrities." Pushing the unwanted criticism to one side, it didn't take very long for the paparazzi to make up for the lousy work they carelessly missed out on! As if they needed any more pictures of pregnant Blake just after a world-famous event? Lively shared in a comical yet cryptic Instagram post, confronting the "11 guys waiting outside" her home. She virtually confronted them, writing, "You freak me and my kids out." Yet, she praised the people who unfollow profiles that decide to share pictures of celebrities' children.

While Lively and Reynolds have opportunities waiting at their doorstep, it is clear their priorities lie at home with their children. An inside even told PEOPLE magazine that Lively "wants to be that old-fashioned kind of mom… She happens to be a really attentive mom. Her kids are her first priority over everything." After ten years of marriage, three children and one on the way, it seems nothing can get in the way of the iconic duo.

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