Best Man's Bachelor Party Blunder Earns Him Hilarious Punishment

Taran Underwood

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Everyone knows that during bachelor parties, it's customary for the groom to get hammered and become the object of ridicule by his closest and most trusted friends. It's a tradition that will remain to the end of time.

But here's the small print, the organizer better be on his game, because if they screw up proceeding, they then put themselves into the line of fire as this poor guy found out.

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After the Best Man Grant Ogles accidentally booked the groom Lee Whitehead a seat on board a flight to the Hungarian capital for 2020, the 14-strong party were rightfully unwilling to leave him behind. They were also pretty adamant on teaching the Best Man a lesson. Grant was taken to a tattoo parlor where he got the date, flight number, cost of the ticket and the Hungarian flag as a 'tramp stamp.'

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For Grant, it didn't seem to affect his look too much, it was one of many ill-advised tattoos he has, in what he describes as a 'dot to dot of s*** decisions'. His regrettable tattoos include a kangaroo on his hip, a fantasy football team he lost to, a camel on his toe and a picture of wrestler Daniel Bryan's face. Yes!