Hilarious Before-&-After of Wedding Guests Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 06/12/2022

By Riley Hammond
hilarious viral TikTok wedding
FG Trade via Getty Images

We usually arrive at parties looking our best, only to find that, by the end of the night, all the fun starts to show on our faces. And weddings are no exception, especially with all the dancing going on and the plenty of drinks being had. One viral video hilariously showed the guests at one particular wedding before and after they had one too many drinks...

In the funny clip, posted by a TikTok user named @nievejones_, a few guests appeared to have taken full advantage of the open bar at the wedding. In the video, they were featured introducing themselves with fresh faces and big smiles, holding their first drink of the night. But each short introduction was followed by a few seconds in front of the camera that were clearly filmed several hours - and drinks - later. And while it looks like a few of them managed to hold themselves together to a certain extent, for others, the task wasn't so easy.

viral wedding drunk TikTok
FG Trade via Getty Images
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The second time around, a few of the guests struggled to say their names to the camera and declare they were holding their "last drink of the night." One hilarious before-and-after situation belonged to the bridesmaid who posted the funny viral video. "I'm Nieve, and this is my first drink," she said clearly and with a bright smile at the beginning of the wedding. But a few hours later - "I'm Nieve, cheese bridesmaid, and this is my last drink." Did we hear that right? Apparently, another off-screen guest heard it too and asked, "Cheese bridesmaid?" The drunk maid of honor repeated, "Cheese bridesmaid," with some confidence before correcting herself: "Chief bridesmaid."

@nievejones_ Wedding antics, last one is the best 😂 #ElectrifyTheMini #firstandlastselfiechallenge #wedding #firstdrink ♬ original sound - Nievejones_

But the best transformation of all belonged to the bride herself, who gave the camera a wide smile at the start of the night, saying," Hi! I'm the bride, and this is my first drink." The camera found her a few hours later, and this time, she didn't look so clear-headed. Swaying from side to side over music she was probably imagining, she said, "I'm the bride and this is my last drink," with her eyes closed and a proud smile across her face. A man's tie also seemed to be hanging from her neck over her white dress - we can't help but wonder how that happened. But by the looks of it, we can definitely tell it was a night to remember (or not!)...

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