Barney’s Back – And the Millenials Are Not Okay


| LAST UPDATE 02/17/2023

By Lily Tipton
Barney Dinosaur Makeover Memes
Vince Bucci via Getty Images

Barney the Dinosaur is getting a makeover for 2023, and some millennials are legit melting down over it! The nostalgic childhood character will be getting a new look for the first time in 20 years, and social media is filled with people expressing their outrage. While many are simply upset at the change, others claim that Barney's new look is "h*lla creepy," and they just can't deal. If you're a millennial who grew up with Barney, his makeover might be hard to metabolize. But don't worry; we've got you covered with everything you need to know about the hilarious saga...

Mattel has done the impossible and announced the long-awaited return of Barney - but not as we know it! The beloved plush dinosaur is back with a modern makeover for a new generation to experience Barney's dino-mite fun firsthand. Step aside, 'boring' Barney, the internet age has brought us a fresh-faced feathery friend who promises plenty of adventures in his mighty new look. Whether you were born into the 90s or are a recent fan of this iconic character, this updated version is sure to captivate old and young fans alike!

Barney Actor Makeover Viral
Bob Riha, Jr. via Getty Images
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However, the recent makeover of the beloved character Barney was met with less than enthusiastic responses from die-hard fans! "New Barney looks like he eats kids," one user hilariously teased, demonstrating how passionate these viewers are about their childhood pal. Some people are absolutely losing it over the new, more realistic look of Barney the Dinosaur, accusing Mattel of destroying their childhood by slowly taking away all of the characters they used to watch and love as kids by giving them a more anatomically correct makeover. In summary, this makeover generated a remarkable reaction, and one can only hope that it hasn't put too much of a strain on the relationship between fans and their beloved purple dinosaurs!

Sure, he looks different, but it's not like he's walking around with fangs or anything! How many times have we all gone through changes in our lives and ended up better off? Perhaps the same can be said for ol' Barney. We should give him a chance to show us what he's capable of now - who knows, this reinvention could even make him cooler than before! We're personally here for Barney's transition into the 21st century - he can finally walk without falling flat on his face! LOL. Sure, some of us may miss his old style, but the child star's updated image is making room for dinos everywhere to step up their fashion game...

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