Baker Turns Elmo into an Emo Cake in Hilarious Mistake


| LAST UPDATE 05/09/2023

By Riley Hammond
elmo cake funny viral
@brinnicakes via TikTok

A baker's hilarious mistake has gone viral, and it's all about an "emo Elmo cake!" Brianna Romero, the baker behind Brinni Cakes, shared the story via a now-viral TikTok and a tweet making the internet laugh.

Romero admitted she misread a customer's request for an "Elmo cake" as an "emo cake" but found out the day before delivery. With less than an hour to go, she rushed to a local grocery store, begged, and pleaded the bakery to throw an Elmo topper on a black cake and presented a free, moody dessert to the customer. "I thought I was a little bit weird because I don't know an emo four-year-old," Romero said. "But I was thinking, I was trying to reason with myself, maybe she just likes Wednesday or something like that."

hilarious emo cake viral
@brinnicakes via TikTok
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The image of a depressed, My Chemical Romance-loving Elmo has turned out to be a sensation on social media. On Twitter, a user shared a screenshot of the cake, calling it an "Emo Elmo cake!", and the tweet instantly went viral, clocking over 10.5 million views. The image showed an Elmo with a side-swept fringe, black frosting, and a moody look. The story has many followers asking for a photo of the emo Elmo cake. Romero, in a subsequent TikTok, admitted failing to include the photo in the original video; she presented the full goth reproduction of the Elmo cake in the rest of the video.

The video has over 2 million views, with many viewers in tears and praising it. Now, Romero is enjoying newfound fame and admiration from thousands of followers, happy to take up the challenge of creating new, uniquely themed cakes. She is taking a break after suffering a broken wrist but promises to keep on baking as soon as she heals. In conclusion, readers can't get enough of this hilarious story, as it is incredibly clever and witty, and it has captured the hearts of the internet community. The moral of the story: always read your messages very carefully, or cry later when your Elmo cake turns into an emo cake.

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