Bachelor Party Turns Into the Amazing Race!


| LAST UPDATE 06/14/2022

By Lily Tipton
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@flagshipamsterdam via Instagram

Everywhere we look, it seems there's another report about the chaos that is currently ensuing at the airports. With the skies officially re-opened, everyone is looking to get away - and the airlines are struggling to keep up with the demand. While we constantly hear the stories of canceled flights, we rarely gain an insight into what the passengers do upon hearing the news. Until now, that is. When this group of guys found themselves stranded in Amsterdam after their returning flight to London was canceled, they were forced to get creative...

It had been an exhilarating few days in the Netherlands' capital, full of partying and sightseeing, but now it was time for the Bachelor party to come to an end. Little did they know, their adventure was just beginning. After learning that their 1:25 pm easyJet flight had been canceled, the group decided that rather than wait around for the next flight to England, they would take a 4-1/2 hour train to Calais in France, 370km away from Amsterdam. From there, they would ride the ferry home. However, it wasn't as straightforward as they thought.

Port Calais, Bachelor Party
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When the fourteen young men were told that the Calais Ferry wouldn't allow them to board on foot, they decided to purchase some bikes which would grant them access to the boat. They spent the afternoon on the hunt for a bargain, visiting shops in Brussels and Lille in an attempt to purchase a bike for a reasonable price. They even searched on Facebook Marketplace for second-hand sales! Three hours later, the group was thirteen cycles better off. The last member hitched a ride in a stranger's car, and the group set sail for Dover.

What did the groom-to-be think of the events? Thankfully he found the entire situation to be as funny as his peers did. "At the time, it didn't feel like fun, but I had two of the best days of my life with 13 best friends, and this just topped it off," he told The Mirror. "Looking back, the experience was so stressful and like something from a movie or a Top Gear challenge. But it was so much fun and a brilliant story that I will be telling at the wedding, and hopefully to my kids - and then their kids." 

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