Baby's Hilarious Birthday Party....All Thanks To Dad

Scarlett Adler

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Children's birthday parties are a time for them to bask in their newfound age - of course, presents and all. But what you didn't know is that sometimes, it's really the parents getting a kick out of the event.

This wisecracking dad is no exception.

When Mason Gonzalez hit the one year mark, his humorous dad was given the green light for party planning. And safe to say, he's given all other parents a run for their money.

'The party theme was pretty last minute, so it came together in about two weeks,' wife Josie said. 'My husband decided we should do a Costco theme for the birthday party. It sounded completely absurd to me, so I immediately started bringing his vision to life.'


Josie, a mother of two, 4 year old Madison, and baby Mason, explained her husband, Sebastian's obsession with Costco. 'He’s a financial advisor, so making smart financial decisions is literally his job.'

'The party theme was pretty last-minute, so it came together in about two weeks,' she continued.


Proud of their iconic feet, Josie further went on to explain how they pulled it off...

'We bought a cheap balloon arch frame because our daughter kept calling his party a Grand Opening, and then we made the name badges, printed out signs for the food, and bought a set of red lunch trays to serve 'samples'.


And of course, it's no surprise that we're not the only ones loving the legendary theme. Costco, caught wind of the party, and couldn't resist lending a happy hand.

'Our local Costco loved the theme and provided us with a membership poster that they happened to have lying around', Josie shared.


'It’s not like our son knew what was going on, the theme obviously wasn’t for him. It was for us,' Josie continued. 'Besides, if we had to pick a theme to reflect things Mason enjoys, the theme would have been clapping and trying to eat [crap] that isn’t food.

Well folks, I don't know about you, but I know what I'm doing for my next birthday party...