15 Months Going on 50: Meet The Baby With an Old Soul


| LAST UPDATE 05/31/2022

By Lily Tipton
Viral Baby, Funny Instagram
@cristalallure via Instagram

Toddlers and babies are often known to unknowingly imitate the adults they are surrounded by. It results in some hilarious parenting moments as they watch their child copy their ways, whether it be talking on the phone or cooking in the kitchen. However, when this LA-based influencer mom posted a video of her fifteen-month-old son walking around the mall, it seemed he had been influenced more by the senior figures in life. Of course, the clip went viral as people could not get enough of the hilarious exchange...

Pictured below alongside his influencer mom Cristal Valdes (@cristallallure), is the adorable fifteen-month-old Neo. Valdes, who has been open with her followers about her son's hearing loss journey, leaned towards some lighter content with this hysterical video of her son walking around the mall. Seen enjoying and exploring his surroundings like any other toddler in his position, Neo's walk is what had everyone talking. With his arms crossed behind his back while he intensely looks around deep in thought, his stroll resembles that of an older man's.

Viral Toddler, Old Man
@cristalallure via Instagram
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Uploading the clip with the caption "My 15-month-old, going on 50!" Cristal is evidently aware of who people will compare her son to, and she's in on the fun. "I took my 15-month-old to the mall today..." the clip's inner text reads. "This is how he walked around the whole mall. I don't know who he has been hanging out with, but he is off again," the text in the video says. 

The hysterical but adorable video, posted only six days ago, has been shared by thousands and liked by over 95,000 users. Of course, the comments section has been filled with laughter. "Oh my word. The boy is deep in thought, what did you say to him? Looks like you mentioned him paying rent," one user jokingly commented. "Oh no, gotta get all the weight of the silly questions off his back now," another Instagram user laughed. To this, Cristal replied, "lol. Facts." Check out this other hilarious mom making waves on the internet.

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