Baby Goes Viral After Hilarious Exchange With Stranger


| LAST UPDATE 11/24/2021

By Scarlett Adler
alyssa baby viral restaurant
Instagram via @maryalyssacarr

When hunger strikes, you go to your local diner and grab a bite. But when Joe Bob did just that? He left with a whole lot more than a satisfied tummy (and slight heartburn?): He left with a new BFF. Here's how the diner found a friend in the oddest of places, and why the internet can't get enough of it.

viral baby stranger alyssa
Instagram via @maryalyssacarr

It all started when one Missouri man walked into his local restaurant for some late lunch. But while he was busy eyeing the delicious menu before him, someone else was busy eyeing him: Kolter Carr, the eager 1-year-old on the hunt for his next playdate buddy.


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"All of a sudden, he would not leave him alone and got up on his lap and started to eat with this man. Yeah," Kolter's amused mom, Alyssa - who happens to own the restaurant - revealed of the events that followed. So, what'd Joe do? Make some room at the table for our snacky toddler, of course.

funny baby viral restaurant
Instagram via @maryalyssacarr

"He held him the entire time that he was there," Alyssa revealed, as Joe carried on with lunch while the unexpected guest nibbled on his fries. But what about when that check finally came? Let's just say the playdate wasn't over until Kolter said it was over...

alyssa carr baby viral
Instagram via @maryalyssacarr

"When he went to leave, Kolter immediately started crying and sobbing," Carr reflected. So what'd the Joe do? After coming back inside for a quick hug, he hatched the perfect plan. "He asked me if he could bring him out to my car, buckle him up in his car seat, so that him and I could leave at the same time," Alyssa Carr gushed of the kind man.

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funny baby stranger restaurant
Instagram via @maryalyssacarr

Sure enough, several stolen fries, a viral video, and one lifelong friendship later, Joe and Kolter have taken the online world by storm. "I could use a stepdad for my 5 year old little girl," one user joked. Who knows? Maybe our BFF is one trip to IHOP away.