Hey, These Are Mine! Baby Doesn’t Share Chips in Hilarious Clip


| LAST UPDATE 09/15/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Baby Instagram Sharing Chips
@boysinthewoodlands via Instagram

From a young age, we can all remember that sharing is caring, right? Well, for this dominant infant, we don't think they exactly got the memo. A particular yet hilarious video has gone viral after a greedy and obviously, hungry, baby decided not to share their little snack. Why are things cuter when it's a baby? Here's what went down.

Baby Instagram Sharing Chips
@ayla__pola via Instagram

I think everyone is slightly guilty of not wanting to share food. It's ours for a reason. We're hungry, paws off. But, still, it's an important life lesson to share with others. Sometimes we have to sacrifice the things we love in life, that includes some good grub. But for this little baby, it seems all they care about is the beautiful bag of chips placed perfectly in their hands. But, who are we to judge? Babies never fail to surprise us. They do and say the most darn things. Some are just lucky enough to capture these witty moments on camera, purely for the sake of going viral. For this baby, it seems they are off to a good start in childhood fame.

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The Instagram page @happyfacesgoal uploaded the video, which a shocked and humorous parent sent in. The video shows the baby perched quite happily on the sofa with the bag of chips. The baby was enjoying the chips calmly when another hand out of the blue suddenly appeared. The baby was not impressed. After a sneaky side-eye action, the baby caught the hand, trying to reach in and grab a handful of chips. The baby acted fast and quickly snatched the bag away, leaving the conniving hand empty, with no chips. The video caption wrote, "When someone takes my food," and received 6.1 million views, 279K likes, and 1500 comments. Users found the video undeniably relatable, while one commented, "I feel you, little homie. Got to protect what's yours." While tagging in the comment section began, users proceeded to comment, "Oh my God, this is what I do with my snacks," while others felt differently, commenting, "Teach this beautiful child to share. He is already showing signs of being greedy."

We can't get mad at those chubby cheeks and puppy dog eyes. While sharing is essential, children will learn it in their own time and in the most effective way. All in good reason, users were just innocently taken aback by the quick snatch. It's a baby, for crying out loud, and a baby's gotta eat!

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