How 'Attenzione Pickpockets' Became a Viral Trend


| LAST UPDATE 07/17/2023

By Riley Hammond
Attenzione Pickpockets funny viral
Antonina Blakytna via Pexels

We're about to dive into the lively canals of Venice, but this isn't your typical gondola ride. This journey is filled with the thrill of a superhero comic sprung to life, all thanks to an Italian woman named Monica. Her superpower? A voice that reverberates louder than the bells at St Mark's Basilica and a catchphrase that has taken the internet by storm: "Attenzione, pickpocket!!!"

Monica isn't your average TikTok starlet. She doesn't do dance-offs or share the latest viral recipes. Instead, she's on a crusade against petty crime. For over 30 years, Monica has been part of a group committed to fighting pickpockets in Venice. Now that's a cause you don't often see on social media! Her videos are nothing short of a spectacle. One second you're soaking in the serene beauty of Venetian canals, and the next, you're jolted back into reality by Monica's battle cry: "Attenzione, pickpocket!!!" It's like a comic strip unfolding in real-time, only better because it's happening on TikTok and we all get to watch.

@cittadininondistratti2 via TikTok
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Monica's original account was once suspended, perhaps because her loud approach spooked some powers-that-be. But did that stop our Venetian vigilante? Absolutely not! Monica bounced back with a new account, attracting over 328,000 followers. That's right, pickpockets – Monica is back and she's got an army behind her! The comments section of her videos has turned into an adoration fest. People from all corners of the globe are hailing her as a national treasure. In a world where we often make celebrities out of people for doing the most mundane things, Monica is a gust of fresh, justice-serving wind.

@cittadininondistratti2 #CITTADININONDISTRATTI #PICKPOCKETS #VENICE #BORSEGGIATRICI #cittadininondistratti #VENEZIA #BORSEGGIATORI ♬ suono originale - WE ARE BACK

But the entertainment doesn't end with Monica's videos. Her catchphrase "Attenzione, pickpocket!!!" has become a viral sensation, inspiring a wave of hilarious memes and witty TikTok videos. It's the new "Keep Calm and Carry On", but with an Italian twist and a dash of vigilante action. So, if you're planning a trip to Italy anytime soon, remember to keep your wallet close and your eyes peeled. And if you hear someone shout "Attenzione, pickpocket!!!", don't panic. It's just Monica, doing her thing. And to all the pickpockets of Venice, be warned: Monica is watching, and she's armed with a TikTok account and an army of followers. So, "Attenzione, Monica!!!" indeed.

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