Artist Sells McDonald's Pickle Slice for $6,325


| LAST UPDATE 08/15/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Pickle Art McDonalds Griffin
Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images

While there is no defined example for art, according to the artist themselves, it is just a representation or "expression of human creative skill and imagination." Though art typically comes in a form of a painting or a sculpture, this artist in particular had other ideas. When the inspiration comes from a happy meal, this artist might have let his hunger get to him.

On July 7th, Australia artist Matthew Griffin decided to take art to another level. While art sells for its unique characteristics and wild interpretation, this is something we have never seen before. It is titled, 'Pickle.' It is simple, yet effective. Griffin carefully took this crinkled pickle slice out of a McDonald's burger, and flung it onto the ceiling with no effort, and let the flick of his wrist do the magic. It was a painless masterpiece. Has he given Picasso a run for his money? Never mind the $2.49 he wasted on the hamburger, Griffin had other plans for this pickle slice that would do a lot more than just break even. This was something art buyers had to digest properly, though it might leave a sour taste in some people's mouths.

Australian Artist Griffin Pickle
@fineartssydney via Instagram
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The infamous 'Pickle' piece has had its debut, exhibited at Michael Lett, a gallery in New Zealand, at a show called “Hosting Fine Arts, Sydney." This show is most common for the "pretentiousness of the art world, using comedy as a starting point." At least they have acknowledged the comedic side to this piece of work. For a piece as puzzling as the 'Pickle,' the gallery have confirmed the recent work is "intentionally designed to question what art has value and what doesn't." As far as value goes, Matthew Griffin added a price tag of $6,329 to the cucumber slice ($10,000 Australian dollars). That's the most expensive cucumber we've ever come across. Reactions to Griffins piece were mixed, while some critics dubbed it as "priceless" and "superb," and others grilled it more than the burger itself. Griffin even added information behind the cucumber on the ceiling to add artistic value, exploring the ingredients of the McDonalds burger. What's a piece of art without history anyway? Memes and Tweets soon took off calling out Griffin for his bizarre culinary creation.

If this isn't authentic art, its comedic art. It is almost characterized as genius to the extent where no one would think doing it. Instagram users even called out the work of art for being a criminal offence, explaining how they got escorted out of McDonald's for doing the exact same. Well, each to their own. We can only wonder which dissembled ingredient is next.

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