Area 51: Police Declare State Of Emergency

Scarlett Adler

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For years on end, people have been dying to know what lies behind the most mysterious military base in the world. Area 51, for those of you living under a rock, is the heavily forbidden, heavily concealed Air-Force base in the isolated desert of Nevada.

Of course, with all of its mystery comes a slew of 'conspiracies': UFO training camps, alien testing, weather control and so on...

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One 20 year old college kid took to Facebook to express such unease, and little did he know what was to come. For what was simply '2 am late night thoughts' for Matty Roberts ensued madness...lots and lots of it.

On one fateful June night, the California student jokingly took to his social media and created an event: Storm Area 51. Robert's logic was simple, 'they can't stop all of us.' And sure enough, 'all of us' agreed, with the event quickly going viral and millions eager to uncover the obscurity.

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As the event's arrival creeps up on us, a 'good handful are taking it very seriously,' says Roberts. Those included are FBI agents, who tracked the troublemaker down to his California home, interrogating him and his motives.

The rural county has also pre-signed a 'state of emergency' declaration, which allows curfews, barricades and the closing of gas stations. While many of the 2 million 'going' won't actually show, even if 1% pull through, the state will be in utter chaos. Sheriff Kerry Lee has called in 150 officers and 300 paramedics from across Nevada, to prepare for the fiasco.

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While we can't predict the chaos bound to ensue on that fateful day, we hope everyone stays safe and smart (not too sure about this one). Stay posted for the latest updates on this wild phenomena.

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