The Anti-Valentines Day Party Has Officially Arrived!


| LAST UPDATE 02/13/2022

By Conner Goodman
anti valentines day party
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Love is in the air! With Valentine's Day around the corner, it seems like everyone is booed up. And while we're happy for those in relationships, those who don't have dinner dates for February 14th have already started their own party - the anti-valentines day party - for those who won't be buying or receiving a handwritten card or a heart-shaped box of chocolate this year. Ahead of the big day, Twitter has already been bombarded with hilarious memes to celebrate. Here are the funniest ones.

First up? "Valentine's day plan: Work," one user joked, alongside an image that said, "I have a hot date with some spreadsheets." After all, the celebrations will all be taking place on a Monday, so this Twitter user is definitely not wrong that most of us will be doing our jobs while happy couples go out for a nice picnic or romantic dinner. It might just be best to keep busy at times like this! Another person didn't have such an optimistic stance on the upcoming holiday. They posted a photo of a man crying on the floor and captioned it, "Singles on Valentine's Day." Safe to say, it's hard out there for those still looking for that one true love or those navigating through a "situationship" - which is exactly how the anti-valentines day party came to be...

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But singles aren't gonna be totally alone on V-day - because many of them have decided to throw a Galentine's day party. The premise? You get dressed up, buy food, drinks, and hang out with the ones you love most! Who said the consumerism-made holiday was just for people in love? No one ever said we couldn't buy flowers and chocolates for our parents or best friends.


valentine's day memes twitter
Jono Searle / Stringer via Getty Images

Regardless of whether you will be celebrating the real V-day or join in on the the "hate parade," in just a few days, it will already be over, and won't be back for a whole other year! In the meantime, check out these other hilarious memes trending on Twitter. And, of course, stay tuned for more hilarious updates.

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