Adam Sandler Hilariously Calls Out His New Beard With Jimmy Kimmel

Molly Houghton

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We just can't get enough of Adam Sandler and his funny one-liners! The comedian joined Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss his upcoming films, love for basketball, and arguably most importantly- his "disgusting" new beard.

Jackie Sandler and Adam Sandler at 'Uncut Gems' premiere.
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Kimmel and Sandler made fans laugh with a hysterical back-and-forth as they talked about the star's new look, which includes a lot of facial hair. The Uncut Gems protagonist appeared remotely for the show's Game Night episode before the NBA Finals. The timing seemed fitting when he revealed the reason behind his long beard.

Adam Sandler accepts Best Actor for 'Uncut Gems.'
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"Wow, that's quite a beard you have there," commented Jimmy. "It's disgusting. I'm sorry. It's not a beard. It's a mask," the actor joked. "When I keep my mouth closed, it's a mask." The 54-year-old then closed his mouth to show off the impressively hairy protective gear, and went on to discuss an upcoming project.

Adam Sandler with Julia Fox, Kevin Garnett, and The Weeknd at 'Uncut Gems' premiere.
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The celebrity explained the reason behind his transformation. Adam will be playing an NBA scout in an upcoming film. The movie is being produced by basketball legend Lebron James' production company, SpringHill Entertainment. "[Sandler] loves basketball and movies so much, he combines them frequently," said Kimmel.

Adam Sandler wins Best Male Lead for 'Uncut Gems.'
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The talk show host continued teasing his guest. "You have like a lumberjack look to you," he said. "You look different with the beard than I would have ever guessed." The Brooklyn-native assured his friend that he will not be keeping the beard once the film is done. "I don't look good. I know that," he responded.

Adam Sandler
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The Brooklyn-native continued, "Nobody likes it, at all. People on the street go, 'No! No, Adam!'" Critics aside, the movie star seems to be hard at work. Not only will he be starring in the NBA-themed flick, but the comedic icon is set to make a comeback in an upcoming Netflix film, Hubie Halloween. We can't wait to see it all!