A Real Life 'Baby Yoda' Cat Goes Viral

Taran Underwood

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If there's one thing that the internet is going crazy for... it's Baby Yoda. So you can only imagine the reaction this little kitty got when everyone realized he might just be Baby Yoda's twin.

This fluff ball was spotted by a veterinarian's assistant, Jana Aviles at the veterinary hospital in North Carolina. She couldn't believe how much this cat looked like Baby Yoda and made sure to take a few pics for proof.

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She shared a photo of him with the caption:  "I met this little cutie while working at the vet's yesterday. She was brought in by a rescue after she was found as an injured stray. She is so cute, like, have you ever?"

She got a little more than she bargained for when the post was suddenly flooding with comments. Most of them saying how much this kitty looked like The Mandalorian star. The rest of the comments were people begging to adopt him! However, Jana did say that unfortunately, she was not responsible for his rehoming. She also said that if people wanted to adopt, they should rather consider adopting closer to home.

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She said that "There is only ONE Yoda cat, so there is only ONE home out there for her. So many people have offered to travel across the country to adopt this cat, and even people from other countries have reached out to me." Jana also posted some scary statistics writing that 4 million stray cats are brought into shelters every year in the US and, of these, 1.4 million cats are put down simply because they do find homes. 

 "Everyone please check your local shelters. I guarantee you that your new best friend is waiting for you as I type this. Yoda cat may look cool, but looks aren't everything. If you adopt a new pet because of this post, please comment on their picture here and encourage others to adopt too." Jana wrote. 

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Her post ended up sparking a viral conversation about adopting cats and sharing information about everyone's local shelter. Well, Baby Yoda has done it again and hopefully many of the followers were inspired to go and adopt.


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