One Man's Random Act On Flight Leaves Passengers Baffled

Taran Underwood

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On every flight, you have your typical passengers. There's always the crying baby, the passenger who complains about everything, the person who is snoring and the person who claps when the plane lands. Since a flight travelling from Nice to Heathrow landed this week, one passenger became a trending topic all because of one strange act.

Fellow passenger, Jayne Sharp, uploaded a video of a man doing a random act and said it 'wound her up'

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The man was taking each card out of his deck and drying them one by one under the plane's air conditioning. With each card, Jane found herself getting more and more aggravated.

She tweeted the picture and the caption read, "What's the most random act that's wound you up on a plane? Mine's this bloke next to us who spent the entire journey from Nice to Heathrow individually drying out every single playing card in the bloody pack. The Queen of Clubs proved to be particularly damp."

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This tweet has since gotten hundreds of likes, comments, and shares and has encouraged other travelers to share the stories of their experiences with weird people on their flight who totally wound them up.

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After that, the snoring passenger or the crying baby don't seem too bad after all...