A Hockey App Started Publishing Insane Notifications to Everyone's Phones

Taran Underwood

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If you're Stewart Zimmel, look out. The American Hockey League app would like a word. On July 10th, anyone who happened to have the AHL app installed on their phones started to get some very strange push notifications. Usually, the app would inform users about the goings on of the American Hockey League, which serves as the developmental hockey league for the NHL. But on July 10th, someone working on the app had decided they had enough. They started sending push notifications from the app, addressed specifically to a man named Stewart Zimmel. Apparently, Stewart owed someone some money, and they were definitely going to get him to pay up.

Stewart also appears to be a man who allegedly threatens violence against people he works with. Not cool Stew! Users were here for it though, they were extremely ready for all the tea the AHL app was unexpectedly spilling. Who doesn't love some yummy workplace drama that they themselves don't have to deal with?

Finally, someone managed to sort out who Stewart was: he appeared to be the man who ran the company that developed the app for the AHL. It seems like this was a teachable moment for bosses everywhere: be good to your employees, especially ones who have access to your app's push notifications!