21 Year Old Rings In Birthday With 'Club Quarantine'

Scarlett Adler

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Hotel Richmond

For most, our 21st birthdays call for some major celebrations as we commemorate our transition into adulthood. But for this 21-year-old? Well, you'll have to see his quarantine festivities to believe 'em.

21-year-old Jack Torchia, much like the rest of us, had been placed into stringent quarantine as the pandemic continues to plague the country. Unfortunately, that meant he'd be ringing in his birthday in the confinements of his very own home.

Yahoo News via Tik Tok

Lucky for him, little did he know that his parents had their very own trick up their sleeves.

'Welcome to Club Quarantine,' Jack's mother, Carolyn, joked after transforming their garage into the ultimate party. "My mom and dad put in a lot of work to make sure it seemed as real as possible," Jack's sister, Emily, further explained.

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After sharing the hilarious night with her Tik Tok followers, Emily Torchia instantly went viral, raking in millions of views and likes.

“I always knew that they were great, but the fact that over four million people saw this video and said the same is very heartwarming and something that my parents deserve as well,” the newfound internet sensation revealed.