15 TikTok Videos That Show Us Why The App Is Taking Over


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Kayla Black

There's no hidden formula for what makes a good TikTok video. You only have an average of 15 seconds to do something impressive enough to go viral and out of the 500 million TikTok users, only a select few have nailed it.

Here are the best TikTok videos this year...

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Elephant Toothpaste

David is no stranger to the vlogging world, in fact, he's one of the MVPs. With millions of followers on YouTube, Instagram and Vine, it was no surprise that his TikTok videos became some of the most-watched this year. One of them being this Elephant Toothpaste experiment, which is just as cool as it sounds.@daviddobrikWorld record experiment♬ original sound - daviddobrik

In short, it involves soap, yeast, food coloring, 3% hydrogen peroxide, and a location suitable for the explosion. With over 17 million views, fans have already begun trying their experiments at home and it's starting to look like elephants with bad breath will never be a problem again.

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Surgery On A Pregnant Banana

Caleb Cutler has gathered over 700k followers who love his little snaps of fruit giving birth. His profile shows touching videos of gummy bears, pumpkins, and even Red Bull undergoing C-sections.@calebcutler#tb to the video that changed my life! Almost 100 million views!! 😱❤️ #foryou#murchcrew♬ Food Surgery - chivalroustube

Once the surgery is complete, he leaves mother and child tucked in a blanket, to enjoy their first moments together. This banana video is his best one yet.

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Swimming Pool Fun Takes Hilarious Twist

@malorielynn14 and @erin_nichole18 teamed up to show 15 seconds of this man-made tsunami. This video shot into the viral stratosphere out of nowhere, with over 7 million views.@malorielynn14Swimming pool fails w/ @erin_nichole18 #fails#summer#foryou#foryoupage#trending#featureme♬ See Me Fall (Y2K Remix) - Ro Ransom

Playing See Me Fall (Y2K Remix) By Ro Ransom in the background,  poor little Malorie watches the result of an ill-thought plan flood her whole garden and even out to the street. Without a doubt, one of the most impressive #fails to date.

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Man vs Wild: Roach Edition

Everybody thinks they're Chuck Norris when it comes to killing bugs until you realize... IT CAN FLY! Jayleen had her moment of fame when this TikTok video reached 5 million views.@jayleenninaMan vs Wild #roach#flyingroach♬ Run - AWOLNATION

The song Run by Awolnation is the perfect soundtrack for a roach that's about to teach Jayleen one of the fundamental rules of life: Cockroaches are indestructible (especially when air fresher is your choice of weapon).

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Here's The Mother----ing Tea

Sammie Lewis is yet another emerging TikTok star. Thanks to her high pitched soundbite: "Here's the mother f---ing tea," along with her acrylic nails tapping on the screen.@sammielewissshe wants my clout @s.couttt♬ original sound - sammielewiss

She rants about random topics such as how annoying it is to have to wear glasses, or how if you tell someone a secret you're telling their best friend too. Whether it's annoying or not, it sparked hundreds of iterations by fans trying out their own versions of "Here's the mother f---ing tea."

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The Mr. Sandman Cat

Many TikTok users have made hilarious videos with the nine split-screens effects, but this one gathered the most views by far. The adorable and confused cat is a new superstar thanks to his weak dance moves.@jade13trI’m so dead #fyp#foryou#cat♬ Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes

Jade Taylor seems to be the only one having fun during the making of this music video, but the track Mr. Sandman has never fit anything more perfect.

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Kombucha Tasting

Britanny became an overnight sensation from her TikTok account, which is covered in hilarious videos but this one, in particular, has to be the winner. Broski's selfless attempt to try out Kombucha (so the rest of us don't have to) became a viral meme in just a few hours!@brittany_broskiMe trying Kombucha for the first time #foryoupage#foryou#fyp#AllBrandNew♬ original sound - brittanyt445

The video has already hit over 2 million views and since then, fans beg her to post more of her creative clips. She is now one of the biggest names in the fledgling world of TikTok.

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A Wholesome Hummingbird

@herecomedatkushWholesome content #foryou#foryoupage#checkcheck♬ ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott & Offset) - Kodak Black

Any video with cute animals usually gets a great response on TikTok, these feeding hummingbirds were no exception. Brent Bramer is the mastermind behind the account and after the video gathered over a million views, he continued to post more wholesome clips of hummingbirds snacking.

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Crocs & Shaving Cream

There have been tons of TikTok videos that feature people putting their feet in places they shouldn't. The clip is usually paired with the track Work by Iggy Azalea. However, the shaving cream in the Croc by @kodneesothran put those videos to shame.@kidkneesothran♬ Woahh - julianfulian

With over 700k views, filling the shoe and watching shaving cream spew out the sides seems to be the only way Crocs can be pleasing to the eye.

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Bear Suit Daredevil

@raeganbrownnwatch the end for a special surprise ;) #comedy#foryoupage#foryou#featureme THX 4 10K!!!!!:)♬ original sound - jaxtony

The clip of @raeganbrownn in a bear suit riding a motorcycle did number. With over 600k views, viewers love watching this bear get herself into pretty dangerous situations. The handle has since accumulated over 100k followers but this is her strongest clip by far.

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Adele Concert

There have been many TikTok videos with the soundbite of Adele singing her heart-wrenching chorus to Someone Like You. The mic then cuts out and the audience finishes the chorus.@4kayeThis took way to long to not go viral😂 #1800#haribo#foryou#cktc4♬ #Me at the concert - #someonelikeyou

People have created their mock concerts with wine corks, shoes, and stuffed animals. However, the Haribo bears took the cake with a staggering 5 million views. Some comments argued that this was a waste of gummy bears but if you're going viral, it seems like a small price to pay.

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Dancing With A Cat

@mohitsachdev15#dancingwithacat😋🤣🤣♬ original sound - ali_shahroz

It's impossible not to watch this one twice. Mohit Sachdeva received major attention when this hilarious snap of him trying to convince his kitty to loosen up went out. Well... his cat did.

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Glass Half Full

Zach King was best known for his "Magic Vines", so it was no surprise when his TikTok videos gathered millions of views. The filmmaker digitally edits his clips to make it look as though he is doing magic.@zachkingDo you see the glass as half full or half empty?? #perspective#magic♬ Glass Half Full Zach King - zachking

That's why the glass so perfectly turned into a cake but don't be fooled. His page features tons of different tricks, with this one, in particular, hitting over 11 million views.

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We All Got Detention For This

@tjhouse12We all got detention for this 😬#fyp#foryourpage#gotmagic♬ HBS - Lil Keed

@tjhouse12 and his fellow detention buddies had their moment of fame when this flash mob gathered over a million views. TikTok users seem to love videos where everyone is totally in sync, so its no shocker that this video gathered its views too. The kids in the back didn't succeed in ruining the rhythm.

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The Ultimate Frisbee Game

This is too satisfying to watch, it's no wonder how it hit over 3 million views. Considering Brodie broke his phone for this, the least we could do was let him go viral.@brodiesmithBroke my phone for this #foryou♬ original sound - brodiesmith

Everybody has a special talent and Brodie just so happens to be a master of the Frisbee, his page is filled with clips showing just how much it's "all in the wrist."

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