Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd Set To Reunite in Upcoming Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 06/11/2021

By Scarlett Adler
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Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd, blessing our screens together - again? The comedy gods have clearly heard our prayers. Here's what we know about the funny guys' latest on-screen adventure...

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Titled The Shrink Next Door, the upcoming series will be exactly as it sounds: About a charming shrink, Ike (played by Rudd), and his patient, Marty (Will Ferrell). Sounds somewhat predictable? Try again. We’ll watch things take a disturbing turn as the psychiatrist slowly morphs into the doctor from our worst nightmares.

Paul Rudd, Comedy, Upcoming

What starts as a relatively normal dynamic between the two soon goes sour as Ike begins to take over his patient's life. From moving into Marty's home to taking the reigns on the patient's family's business, expect lots of twists and turns along the way. Including Marty's sister (Kathryn Hahn), who eventually decides to take a stand against our evil doc (or at least try to).

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Sound at all familiar? That's because the upcoming dark comedy is actually based on a true story. Yes, really. The Shrink Next Door is inspired by the 2019 podcast of the same name, documenting the messy relationship between Dr. Isaac Herschkopf and former patient Marty Markowitz. And suddenly we've got lots of questions.

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Unfortunately, it appears we might be waiting a while before we get any answers. The upcoming series has yet to be given a release date, but according to reports, it's slated to hit our AppleTV+ screens somewhat soon. What we do know, though, is time on that set was exactly as hilarious as expected: In fact, Ferrell was "Just a pure delight," as co-star Kathryn Hahn gushed to Vanity Fair.

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Paul, Will, Upcoming comedy
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Lucky for us, though, we've got lots of comedic gems to tide us over in the meantime. In case you forgot, this isn't the first time Rudd and Ferrell have teamed up on our screens for some good laughs. From Between Two Ferns: The Movie to Anchorman, of course, if their latest adventure is anything like we've seen before? We're in for a real treat.

Stay tuned.