Whoopi Goldberg Wants This Actress To Join 'Sister Act 3'


| LAST UPDATE 01/09/2023

By Malikah Mcintosh
sister act 3 whoopi goldberg
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It may take a miracle to make it happen, but luckily Whoopi Goldberg may have a few sisters on her side. The comedian recently made a plea to her former costar, Dame Maggie Smith, to come back for a third Sister Act movie.

For those who forgot - in 1992, Goldberg and Smith starred in the now-classic comedy Sister Act. Goldberg played Deloris, a lounger singer, who is placed in a convent through a witness protection program after she witnessed a mafia hit. Maggie Smith played the Reverend Mother, who was initially opposed to Deloris’s joining but relents. Deloris takes their choir from a struggling mess and turns it into a global sensation. The film was a smash hit and grossed $231 million worldwide during its initial release. Only a year later, in 1993, they came out with the sequel, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. A third movie has been in the works. The news of the threequel with Tyler Perry attached to produce was confirmed in 2020. However, it may be a second before fans can rejoice...

Sister Act 3 Maggie Smith
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Goldberg was recently interviewed on a British morning television show called Loose Women. She confessed on the show, “I want to let Maggie Smith know that I’m holding the part of Mother Superior for you, because I just can’t do it with anybody but you. So, if you need me to come over here and shoot it and do whatever we have to do, we will do whatever you want us to do.” She continued to speak to her costar, “But we don’t want to do it without you, Maggie.” Goldberg already has a wish list of who else she would like to see herself alongside for the third installment. The list includes music legends Nicki Minaj and Lizzo. She also mentioned Nope actress Keke Palmer - and it seems that the feeling is mutual. Keke has previously mentioned that she would love to star in a comedy. Maybe her prayers will come true?

Fans will have to wait and cross their fingers to see if the original cast will get together for the third installment of the hilarious film series. Let’s hope Maggie Smith will hear Whoopi’s pleas so we can enjoy this hysterical duo one more time. Until then, stay tuned.

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