Welcome to Bel-Air: Fresh Prince Invites Us Inside 30 Years Later

Scarlett Adler

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"If this place looks familiar, that’s because it’s just as fly as it was when I first rolled up the driveway. I’m back," as Smith put it. Sure enough, 30 years later, and the Fresh Prince is taking us right back to where it all started: 805 St. Cloud Drive.

Will Smith, Bel-Air
Instagram via @willsmith

That's right, this past week, Will Smith took us back in time, as he invited us inside Uncle Phil's swanky estate for a reunion like no other. Lucky for you, we've just landed you guys as exclusive pass inside...

Home, Bel-Air
Insider via Airbnb

On Monday, September 28, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star took to the 'gram as he gave us all - himself included - a bittersweet dose of nostalgia. "Never felt the nostalgia hit harder tbh," he shared. Sure enough, one quick glance as the iconic white home, and it's like we've just stepped back into the 90s.

Home, Bel-Air
Refinery29 via Airbnb

Seriously, look at the place - it's like nothing has changed. So, what's going on behind closed doors? Lucky for us, Will invited us in for a virtual tour, alongside Geoffrey Butler, Aunt Vivian, and Ashley and Hilary Banks.

Fresh Prince Cast, Bel-Air
Instagram via @willsmith

Do you like what you see? From that signature Air Jordan collection to DJ Jazzy Jeff's throwback records, it may have been decades since Will first knocked on that door, but it sure doesn't look like it.

But it doesn't end here: For (up to) 2 of you lucky fans, the Fresh Prince will eventually be "handing you the keys," giving you "his wing of the mansion all to yourself."

That's right, you'll be able to ditch our virtual tour for your very own trip down memory lane - literally. So, if you're a Los Angeles resident and have $30 to spare, well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Airbnb on September 30th for the freshest staycation ever.

Just please, don't forget, Will's sneaker collection is off-limits, okay?