Weird Al Is Celebrating Being Featured in 'Stranger Things'

Taran Underwood

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Netflix's Stranger Things has always been one big nostalgia party for Gen X and certain older members of the millennial generation, and the third season of the hit show, which just debuted on July 4th, is no exception. The new season fully explores the culture of the USA in 1985, with shopping malls, video games, and music all to match. And one musical and comedy icon is especially appreciative of the way the show celebrates his contributions to 1980's American culture.

Weird Al Yankovic, the man behind the wildly popular song parodies of the 80's and 90's, has his song "My Bologna" featured in episode 2 of the popular Netflix show. The A/V Club moderator and science teacher Mr. Clarke is shown jamming out to the hit, much to the audience's delight. Episode 3 continues to pay homage to the comedian and singer with Dustin, everyone's favorite science camp alumnus, donning an original Weird Al t-shirt in a scene. The singer himself didn't let these references pass by unnoticed. He took to Twitter on Thursday to praise the show's good taste in both music and fashion, calling it the shows "best season yet," and of course to let his fans know the show had his blessing to use his work.