Say I Do to ‘Wedding Season:’ Netflix’s Latest Gem


| LAST UPDATE 08/07/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Wedding Season Netflix Comedy
Rich Polk for Netflix via Getty Images

Netflix has done it again, and this time they have perfectly timed the release of their new comedy, Wedding Season! After a two-year pandemic, it's no surprise we have been engulfed in weddings these past few months. There has been nothing but wedding bells, white dresses, and out-of-this-world locations. For some, this might add a little pressure. With love in the air, the new Netflix comedy entails the story of two young adults to put a ring on it. Here's what to expect...

So how much do our jobs have a say in our love lives? The Netflix release explores just that and how long it takes for us to accept love as a part of our routines. As for the Indian culture, weddings are one of the most celebrated events. Take Nick Jonas and his wife Priyanka, for example. The beloved multi-cultured couple tied the knot with three wedding receptions - over the course of a "wedding month." While the first wedding took place in New Delhi, the second and third were celebrated in Mumbai. But contrarily, the third event was "low key." Now they know how to commemorate love! But, for Asha (Pallavi Sharda), who has a "joyous appetite for life," her mother, on the other hand (Veena Sood), would rather her dine with a future husband. The same goes for Ravi (Suraj Sharma). These two carefree adults can't catch a break. Lucky for us, that's where things get interesting…

Wedding Season Netflix Romance
Rich Polk for Netflix via Getty Images
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Both Ravi and Asha have constantly got their parents on their back. When they reach a certain age, their parents make it a priority to be able to walk their loved ones down the aisle. For Asha, her new job gives her "no time for anything else," but she is pretty okay with that. On the contrary, Ravi has quit working, has "all the time in the world," and is "totally okay with that." Now, don't opposites attract? Since they only want to make their parents happy, they choose fake love... just until the wedding season is over. With Asha having hundreds of weddings to attend, the only one missing right now is hers. The narrative is as real as it gets. The cast members expressed their excitement, marketing the film before its release and crediting the talented work behind the production. Seems like the perfect love-affair!

As advised by Sharda, it's time to grab the tissues and popcorn. From crying our eyes out to tears of joy, this one will have us in a whirlwind of emotions. So, do Asha and Ravi live happily ever after? There's only one way to find out. Netflix's Wedding Season is now available to stream! To see if it's a Saturday night special, watch the trailer here!

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