Wayne Brady is Set to Star in Hilarious Comedy About Himself

Scarlett Adler

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We know he's an expert at making deals; We also know we'll almost never catch him forgetting the lyrics to just about any song. But there's actually a whole lot more we have yet to know about the Let's Make a Deal funny guy. Lucky for us, we're about to get a whole lot of answers, as the actor prepares to head to our screens in only a matter of time.

Wayne Brady, Comedy, Family
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That's right, while we can't yet tell you the title of his latest adventure, we can tell you an upcoming project is already in the works, with Brady co-writing and co-producing the entire ordeal. So, what exactly can we expect? For starters, the autobiographical comedy will be inviting us behind closed doors, as the actor takes us inside his unconventional family.

In other words, we'll be catching a further glimpse of Wayne and his loved one's "life as a blended family" - all while having a laugh, or two, of course. "We're writing a script about our life as a blended family, we call ourselves the 'core four,'" as the funny guy further explained to Access Hollywood.

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Well, who, exactly, does his blended family consist of? For starters, we have his daughter, Maile. Then there's his ex-wife, Mandie Taketa, who will also be taking a pen to paper in order to help Brady master the show's script. But where there's Mandie, there's also her current boyfriend, Jason Fordham. Oh, and did we mention they all live under the same roof?

Wayne Brady, Blended family
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Yep, not confusing at all. Because what could possibly go wrong when you're sharing the same home as your ex-wife and her new partner, right? Well, if you ask Brady, not much. “It’s been natural for us... we’ve been doing it for Miley’s whole life," he explained of their unorthodox living situation.

Wayne Brady, Daughter, Family
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We don't know about you guys, but suddenly we've got lots of questions. And while it looks like we might have to wait a while until we get our answers, we've got a feeling it'll be well worth the wait. We'd stay tuned if we were you.